Union opposition had role in dust-up between Harteau and Dayton

  • Article by: MATT McKINNEY and ABBY SIMONS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 20, 2013 - 5:21 AM

He said “wires got crossed” in the effort to send cases to state.

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jbrillDec. 19, 13 4:48 PM

I like Gov dayton. But many of his voters in Minneapolis are pretty sick and tired of the MPD's perception of officers above the law, with the union acting as an impediment to progress in this area. Gov Dayton's statements smack of union influence and are not constructive to what we in Minneapolis perceive as a major problem with the MPD.

mikehessDec. 19, 13 4:55 PM

Looks like the police union can go ahead and post that contribution to the Gov's re-election campaign. Nicely played.

alansonDec. 19, 13 4:58 PM

The Governor has had several public dust-ups recently: the relief of the head of MNSure; the dressing-down of the Nursing Board; the reprimanding of the city police chief over the us of the BCA. All of these situations could have been resolved quietly without the public upbraiding of the individuals involved (just a coincidence, I suppose, that all of the targeted persons were women). In the case of the BCA, it certainly makes sense for high-profile alleged internal police department wrongdoing to be investigated by an external agency. Whether this should be the BCA, or the Hennepin County Sheriff is certainly worthy of discussion. But the intemperate excoriation of a well-intended and competent public official was certainly not called for here.

DufferHDec. 19, 13 5:00 PM

Of course the police union and Dayton who is supported by the union who oppose this. No surprise here.

goldrush1970Dec. 19, 13 5:07 PM

Yup, the status quo was sure working. How many times has an officer been disciplined in the last 10 years over a serious event, other than criticising the police chief?

rshacklefordDec. 19, 13 5:14 PM

(Dayton said): That, he said, “is a lot different from automatically referring every critical incident at the (Minneapolis) chief’s discretion to the BCA, with the assumption that the BCA’s just going to automatically take it.” ---- Sounds exactly similar to the Mpls City Council buying a park for the MPRB which has said nothing about a new park. Go after the Mpls City Council too Dayton. Oh, I forgot, you no longer think about Peoples' Stadium issues. This new park is going to require development, maintenance, staffing, repair, etc and that comes from the taxpayer!

siverfox53Dec. 19, 13 5:27 PM

The only reason Dayton is sticking his nose into this can be explained in one word, "union". I think the Chief made a great decision here, members of a department should not be investigating their own. Right or wrong there will always be questions of a "cover up" if the decision doesn't come out as some perceive it should. With the BCA doing it, there's at least a neutral party involved. If the BCA doesn't want to do this, then my question is; Why do we need the BCA Investigators if they don't want to investigate high profile incidents? And, Mr. Dayton, please keep your nose out of things that don't concern you. The unions will still contribute to you whether you act like your concerned or not.

vampress_meDec. 19, 13 5:34 PM

Well, at least we know the one group of people in this state that Dayton thinks is important enough to throw a temper tantrum over.

slikweasel21Dec. 19, 13 5:36 PM

Isn't it common sense to have an outside entity investigate police shootings? Why would the union fight this? Oh yeah that's right, they could care less about the public, only protecting their members and siphoning off more tax dollars for a paramilitarized police force.

ohwellDec. 19, 13 5:40 PM

This is a good common sense plan. Anytime there is serious crime or an alleged crime committed by a department it should be investigated by an outside department. We don't let criminals serve as judges at their own trials do we?


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