An annual chronicle of stupid government spending

  • Article by: Margaret Carlson , Bloomberg
  • Updated: December 19, 2013 - 11:47 AM

Tax credits for breast implants, 3-D pizza printers, romance research and so much more...

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davehougDec. 19, 1312:01 PM


markerminnDec. 19, 1312:09 PM

Thank you Oklahoma voters! Please send someone just like him back in 2016. Maybe if some other states get their primary systems straightened out so moderates of either party can run in general elections then Washington can become functional again.

EleanoreDec. 19, 1312:18 PM

This is the cream of the party crop. The zombie apocolypse is here, and it's capitol is wherever the party rules

bikiesterDec. 19, 1312:45 PM

Afraid to look at the waste in his own house he must find someone to pick on. Some of it is truly hilarious I will agree, but how much of our taxpayer money has been used over the course of his career to entertain folks in his office or buy stupid party favors or support the health club during a government shutdown?

RankenFyleDec. 19, 1312:58 PM

This sounds like its written by Coburn's publicist, probably the same person who handles his facebook site. Of course there's waste, and he's one of the members of congress who oversee it.

lilwhooturzDec. 19, 13 1:02 PM

Wastebook chronicles $30 billion in stupid spending, enough to make sequestration unnecessary -- And no one I know is feeling the effects of the sequestration.

JRBDec. 19, 13 1:27 PM

And Nancy Pelosi says there is no place left to cut. We can only hope someone gets her a copy of Wastebook for Christmas.

pitythefoolsDec. 19, 13 1:38 PM

Notice how the big items are in the Military budget? Nope. Can't cut there!

redeye12Dec. 19, 13 1:46 PM

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The American public has no idea how much waste and nonsense taxpayers fund. Subsidies for this, that and everything else. It is long past due that we gore everybody's ox and put a stop to this endless spending.

avejoeconDec. 19, 13 1:54 PM

Notice how the big items are in the Military budget? Nope. Can't cut there!------and just two months ago, this very same person was blaming the cuts in military for problems with the economy. Just another example of how the left want it both ways. ""We need to bring in more illegals, but we also need to increase Unemployment because people can't find jobs. The econmy is going great, but we need to increase SNAP spending. It's the GOP's fault that the economy is not doing well, but reelect the dems because the economy is doing so well. Fetus' are not human but the guy that just punched that fetus's mom and caused it's death needs to go to jail for MURDER!."


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