Embattled MNsure director resigns amid increasing criticism

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson and Jackie Crosby , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 17, 2014 - 10:58 AM

With enrollment deadline looming, exchange board replaces April Todd-Malmlov with veteran health care leader Scott Leitz.

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rotsternDec. 17, 1310:21 PM

outrageous.. sexist.. what next.. no more "humorous" million dollar ad campaigns starring Good ol' Stupid Paul Bunyan getting hit in the privates.. ha ha.. health insurance as expensive as your house payment is sooo funny...

fridaydogDec. 17, 1310:25 PM

What an impossible job. Theres no way her two weeks made any difference. She's taking the blame for a bad law that was doomed to begin with.

goferfanzDec. 17, 1310:30 PM

Let's hope we get answers about the director's departure details = another govt job? Severance package? These are things the taxpayers deserve to learn.

jd540aDec. 17, 1310:40 PM

Linus.. "It is not a termination. It is an Unexpected Exception. Error 500. We must now read between the lines...Just filling in the blanks on the sign up page." Lucy.. "I have naturally curly hair. That's my Secret Story." Charlie.. "Rock Paper, Scissors...from now on, I like paper. Good Grief."

cobrettiDec. 17, 1310:46 PM

"The implementation of Minnesota’s program has gone more smoothly than in other states, but it still has been marked by countless technical glitches, delays and frustrated consumers" >>> And this is considered one of the more successful rollouts? When will utopian social engineers admit the failure of this abomination? The CBO estimated that there will still be 15-20M uninsured even when it is fully implemented. So they are going to destroy the insurance of the 80% who said they liked their insurance so we can insure 5-10M more with taxpayer subsidies. Brilliant.

offmylawnDec. 17, 1310:46 PM

I think it was a line from "It's a wonderful Life:" "Teacher says every time a bell rings, someone gets health insurance and a Republican legislator fumes with anger."

nelsen1556Dec. 17, 1310:50 PM

When will the american people wake up and say no to these positions created from one more government program. This person was making over $ 135,000 per year? And to hear that other so called navigators are making up to $ 40 per hour working with hard working americans trying to get insurance. Government seems to have the money to pay ridiculous salaries far above what private companies can. It has to stop! And to think she was on a personal party planned vacation while hundreds of thousands of american's are loosing their healthcare coverage. Shame on our government officials for condoning these entitlement mentality programs. I'm sure they will find another position for this person to fill in our state or federal government.

redqidDec. 17, 1311:05 PM

As reported in the StarTribune Oct 9, Scott Leitz gave Amplatz an exemption from the law which allowed Amplatz to get an extra $3 million in payments from the State of Minnesota. After an audit and legal review, the exemption was revoked in November. How Scott is landing this job, I do not know.

asdubiakDec. 17, 1311:14 PM

Im shocked her fellow liberals had the guts to get rid of her. Then again I suppose they are saving their own hides right now. You can bet she got a huge severance we will be hearing about shortly. Good old ATM taking a vacation in during debacle of a rollout. I dont feel to sorry for the three namer.

andersj9Dec. 17, 1311:21 PM

Google Scott Leitz's name and read of his recent improprieties. This new promotion is sure a nice reward for questionable behavior.


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