'Immigrant suburbs' emerge in latest census sweep

  • Article by: David Peterson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 17, 2013 - 9:58 PM

Foreign-born populations are moving out of the central cities. Even outer-ring suburbs are becoming more culturally and racially diverse.

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EleanoreDec. 18, 13 7:33 AM

This doesn't sound like diversty, it sounds like ex-urban balkanization. Is that the new diversity?

odinmanDec. 18, 13 7:54 AM

Mostly more poverty being exported to the suburbs and all the taxpayer costs that go with it....with the exception of those from India who usually have advanced degrees, high paying jobs and who value education.

az2010Dec. 18, 13 8:54 AM

I value the diversity and varying cultures immigration brings to the suburbs, but one trend that is frustrating is the multifamily living arrangements. I live in an area with a fair number of Southeast Asians. This area has large homes and in many instances not only does the family that owns the home live there but also include parents, a grand parent, brothers and sisters and their respective families. I'm not against this cultural norm but it is frustrating and sometimes dangerous having 5, 6, and sometimes more cars parked in driveways and on the streets near the homes.

EleanoreDec. 18, 13 8:59 AM

Next thing you know they'll be signs stating that people from the urban core can't use their suburban drinking fountains.

jackpinesavDec. 18, 13 9:01 AM

Just another example of national trend....go back and read history on treatment of Irish, Serbs, Croatians, Italians in this country. Inability of congress to pass immigration reform, when we NEED workers, is further evidence that we are loosing one of our major political parties...like T-Rex snarling as it crumbles. Will the last repub please turn off the lights?

mnpls123Dec. 18, 13 9:03 AM

Odinman - the tax payer cost of poverty is the same. The only thing that has changed is it is now more visible to you and people can't say it is just an urban problem.

stockminderDec. 18, 13 9:21 AM

I welcome the immigrants who are trying to make a better life for themselves in the United States. Just keep in mind what this country was built upon; hard work and the freedom to pursue getting ahead in life. While the immigrants are going to keep their culture and traditions alive, they should also work to conserve our resources. They should earn their way, earn their health care insurance, and learn English. Don't waste taxpayers hard earned money staying home because welfare pays better than a job. Don't waste taxpayers money with interpreters in schools and hospitals because they don't want to make the effort to learn the language. Welcome, but make an effort to make this place better with your presence.

hermajestyDec. 18, 13 9:22 AM

And besides, odinman, don't assume that all immigrants are poor. If you've ever ridden a bus that stops at MCTC, you'll see large numbers of African and Latino immigrants getting on and off, most of them majoring in business or health sciences, judging from the books they carry.

redeye12Dec. 18, 13 9:22 AM

Wait, this flies in the face of the urbanists mantra that the suburbs are evil and people and jobs need to be in the core cities along transit, etc. Good for the immigrants. Moving out of the core and living where they choose to live, doing what they choose to do and making a living at it--off of the suburbanites no less. They are no different than the previous departures from the inner cities. They want good housing, good neighborhoods, better schools, less crime and more opportunity to pursue their dreams.

LauralundDec. 18, 13 9:26 AM

I know I will be called a grammar Nazi for this comment, but does no one know the difference between loose and lose any more?


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