Applicants stuck in MNsure's gears

  • Article by: Jeremy Olson and Jackie Crosby , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: December 17, 2013 - 9:53 AM

As deadline nears for coverage, applicants are getting nervous.

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william16Dec. 16, 13 9:34 PM

Use of the term "gears" in this story's headline implies that MNsure is operating like a well-oiled machine, which we know is untrue from this and countless other stories detailing MNsure problems. The only gears associated with MNsure that seem to have worked well recently are those on MNsure Director April Todd-Malmlov's vacation jet planes, as she relaxed in Costa Rica for 2 weeks while her agency apparently floundered.

kamloopdrDec. 16, 13 9:56 PM

How many have been finalized and now many of them have paid a dime? The young folks that will pay for this are too smart to be ground up in the Democrat's meat grinder.

kamloopdrDec. 16, 13 9:58 PM

Reference to gears to imply well oiled machine or just another out of balance Democrat Party $cash grinder?

drfranktDec. 16, 1310:06 PM

Absolutely nobody should be surprised by this debacle...see the way the federal program has been operating. Democrats own this throughout the country and that should be remembered come Nov 2014 and Nov 2016. Until then, hang on to your wallets!

greatg90Dec. 16, 1310:14 PM

I don't get it - after going on site and looking for a plan, I did not want to continue with the website. So I called one of the navigators on the 800 number and got three phone numbers for brokers near me. After the three phone calls, I made an appointment with one broker and met with him, viewing three different options that closely met the limits of my last policy. I signed a form, made a payment, and will be saving $135.00 per month plus a lowering of my deductible which will save me another $50 to $100 per mo. This does not have to be this difficult. Pick up the phone.

MNSports24Dec. 16, 1310:29 PM

“We’re creating a lot of backroom fixes to make sure the information gets where it needs to go and can be loaded,” he said. “But it’s a lot of duct tape and toothpicks and putting salt packets under a crooked table.”..... Are you kidding me?! This is our healthcare system and private information we are talking about. Stop sugar coating these stories StarTrib and call it what it is: a disaster.

sharkysharkDec. 16, 1310:40 PM

Face it, MNsure's gears are stripped. I'm not holding my breath for anything different.

DufferHDec. 16, 1310:49 PM

“To be fair, we also have had people who have been pending who are coming through now,” the spokesman said. Are you kidding me; that makes it OK for the people whose applications are still stuck in this messed up system? This whole system is beyond disgusting.

Truckman182Dec. 16, 1310:52 PM

Wonder if Dayton is still staying up at night worrying about this? Nah he's got a multi million dollar trust fund tucked safely in South Dakota immune from MN tax....

kilofoxDec. 16, 1311:17 PM

4 years...$600 million...a web site a 5 year old could do better. The Dem's can't even get a web site to work and we trust them with our health care. What could go wrong.


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