Target walks fine line on stocking stores; some shoppers frustrated

  • Article by: Thomas Lee , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 16, 2013 - 6:01 AM

Retailer’s lean inventory style leaves some shoppers frustrated.

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sidhartmannDec. 15, 1310:11 PM

Target has always been my store, but they have really slipped. Prices are higher....and what's up with those annoying tiny plastic bags?!

rayk1800Dec. 15, 1310:32 PM

'Added Boylan: “Of course, from time to time, we will not be able to meet the expectations of every guest.”' As a Target Investor and shopper, I'm disturbed that I read this crap. So I should expect not to find the items I need? I noticed the product outages in Grocery and wondered why. Target has been dropping products like Summer Sausage end Canned Corn Beef. Plenty of Bologna. So now I have to go to Cub or Rainbow to find the items that are out of stock. Having worked in grocery at the store level and at the corporate level, it's really not that hard. Most likely related to bonus program. After this story, I understand more why the stock price is down. This is making me a little nervous.

pinky1933Dec. 15, 1310:47 PM

Target, as are other BB stores, are thinning their inventory, in order to mitigate overstock costs, especially in the wake of the recession; however, far too often their shelves are empty. Sometimes this is smart/reasonable but the complaints are coming in far too frequent, which means their systems aren't replenishing inventory fast enough. In short, it's a sign of desperate merchandising and if they don't correct in soon they risk eroding their reputation. Too clever by half...

reader2580Dec. 15, 1310:48 PM

Target is rarely out of stock on anything I buy. Walmart, on the other hand, is always out of stock on stuff I buy. I don't perceive Target as having an inventory problem, while I definitely think Walmart has an inventory problem.

glenellynerDec. 15, 1310:55 PM

I have tried to shop at Target when I am preparing for a party. Every time they have not had an item I needed and ended up having to go to Cubs or Lunds. I find myself shopping at Lunds more and more since it is closer to me despite being higher priced.

poppins777Dec. 15, 1311:25 PM

I went to Target in Cottage Grove on Saturday and they were out of no less than EIGHT items I needed, including five item they had on ad, four four of which were non grocery items. Many of us in this area agree that we have three lousy stores to choose from (Target, Cub and Rainbow) by comparison to other areas and are anxiously awaiting the opening of the new Wal-Mart within the next few months. If the new Wal-Mart favorably compares to the Hastings store (NOT the Woodbury dump) we'll be taking bets as to which of the three we have now will be closing. Odds right now favor Cub being closed.

bzlady4uDec. 15, 1311:32 PM

I love shopping at Super Target. However, this weekend I found the shelf stocked with only ONE kind of margarine??? I had to go to Cub to find the my preferred brands after leaving Target.

halldaviDec. 15, 1311:36 PM

At the Target I go to, it is always the same….I go in for 10 items, and they will only have 8 of the items. It is very annoying, which leads me avoiding target as much as possible. My time is valuable.

mglovettDec. 15, 1311:38 PM

Inventory turns are sales divided by inventory, so if Target gets 6.4 turns and Wal-Mart 8.3 it would mean Wal Mart had either less inventory and/or greater sales. The higher the turns the better. Saying that Target only replaced their inventory 6.4 times while Wal Mart did it 8.3 times is misleading. And I can't resist, fried green beans are not a thanksgiving staple!

medtronicerikDec. 16, 13 2:20 AM

I shop at Target in Midway and have been complaining to management of the store for over a year that they never seem to have enough stock on hand. Every time I say something, I am told the same story, "We are trying to get our inventory straightened out and that we are one of the busiest stores in the chain, so we run out more often." I would think that by now they could get this problem fixed. When I have said something to management, others have overheard me and they have chimed in expressing their frustration as well. If it were not for the Redcard, I would not shop Target ever again. Nearly every time I shop there, I have to go to another store to get everything I need. It is a rare trip to Target, indeed, when I walk out with everything I went in there to get.


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