Tevlin: MNsure exec's trip to tropics becomes a sore topic

  • Article by: JON TEVLIN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 14, 2013 - 10:24 PM

In September, a Central American country launched a new branding slogan: “Essential Costa Rica.”

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stillonlymeDec. 14, 1311:22 PM

"This should be about performance, not appearance." That is precisely what I say about the MnSure website.

DufferHDec. 14, 1311:26 PM

Paint it anyway you wish, Todd-Malmlov shirked her responsibilities for her very high-paying job. As far as making her plans far in advance, even in terms of her own timetable, she was aware that she would be leaving her post at a very busy time. The roll-out dates did not just pop up out of the blue.

daytonsajokeDec. 15, 1312:39 AM

Maybe people of the US take less vacations because we have a history of hard work and high achievement. That had made us THE lone superpower on earth. The fact that people don't even use all their vacation days seems show that many enjoy work more than off days. If they are paid holidays you make money if you are there or not.

mnavariceDec. 15, 13 4:22 AM

As much as i dislike the concept of the aca...she is not paid very much for the level of responsibility/visibility she has as an IT professional (trust me). Lay off. Animosity should be directed at the policy makers, not this woman

stplooklistnDec. 15, 13 5:49 AM

This is just a little too much like the director who stayed in Washington at a conference to learn how to hand disasters when the I-35 bridge fell down. Hey, November isn't a winter vaca!!

jbpaperDec. 15, 13 6:16 AM

"The trip had been booked and paid for far in advance,..."------ I keep hearing that it was planned "far in advance" but never a date. How far in advance? Unless it was before she accepted the job and told them at the time of her hire, it is unacceptable. Her job is to get MnSure, along with it's website, up and running. For her to take a vacation during that time is inexcusable. Some will try to defend her by saying the deadline isn't until March but if you are one of the 140,000 who is losing their current plan on January 1st, the deadline is December 15th (maybe the 23rd, depending if that applies to MnSure or just the fed site).

No, this is not about jealousy, there are just certain jobs where you are limited to when you can take a vacation. My father had a job, one that he loved, that didn't allow him to take vacations in the spring. The few spring breaks we went, my father stayed home while the rest of the family went on vacation. Had he taken a two week vacation during the spring the companies he was contracted with, he was self employed, would not have renewed his contract leaving him without a job.

rms316Dec. 15, 13 6:33 AM

Big deal. I would bet the woman has put in 10-12-15 hour days for most of the year. Give her a break and let her spend this time with her family. The work on the rollout and deadlines continues. What exactly in those 2 weeks makes it mandatory for her to be there in person. She is in constant mobile contact anyway.

karendavid816Dec. 15, 13 7:00 AM

The issue isn't really the vacation to me. It is how MNsure staff and/or the Board kept the severity of the problems from the public for so long. Don't forget just how much money they had to play with. From the October 24 Strib "The state has received a $41 million grant from the federal government to further the ongoing implementation of its health insurance exchange site, known as MNsure. With this latest infusion from the feds, Minnesota has received about $155 million to hire staff and vendors and build the website, MNsure officials said Thursday." More bills will be coming. We could just buy the uninsured policies with this kind of money. Shouldn't someone be accountable for $155 million in public funds for just one state? Guess it will be the Governor next election if he lets this go as a "glitch".

theagonygopDec. 15, 13 7:58 AM

karendavid816: "Shouldn't someone be accountable for $155 million in public funds for just one state?" Gee, $155 for each of the million Minnesotans who will be signing up. And about $30 for each Minnesotan. Bid Deal! That's probably about one month's premiums on average per person who will use MNsure. A drop in the bucket when you consider how much it costs the rest of us for these people to get their "health care" through the ER.

mowjo1Dec. 15, 13 8:41 AM

Her 2012 salary was $105,204. When you are a higher salaried employee, there are unwritten expectations that you follow through on a job until it's complete before going on vacation. I don't care if you are "connected" or not, a two week vacation during a critical roll out is just plain irresponsible.


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