Dayton defends MNsure chief’s vacation

  • Article by: Jennifer Brooks , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 17, 2013 - 7:26 PM

But critics claim April Todd-Malmlov shouldn’t have taken a two-week vacation while the health insurance exchange was still ailing.

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roybeanDec. 12, 1310:44 PM

You missed the point of my 'letter to the editor', Ms Brooks. Early in October an email was circulated amongst all MNsure employees placing a moratorium on all vacations and weekends until the website was working properly...yet, Ms Todd-Malmlov and another MNsure aide were apparently exempt from this directive. Did Douglas MacArthur go on a tropical vacation during the Pacific campaign?

forpeopleDec. 12, 1310:56 PM

It is very important to consider that MNSure has not sent policy enrollment information to insurance companies because their data transmission programs are not working. Accordingly, insurance companies are saying that they have not received needed data and that many of us who have paid our premiums to MNSure will have no coverage on 1/1/2014. Possibly leaving Minnesotans without health insurance is very serious. Todd-Malmlov should be fired immediately. Her behavior is reprehensible.

cgaukel1Dec. 13, 1312:22 AM

As a business man, I can't imagine leaving for a vacation while a system is crashing. It's irresponsible for her to leave a sinking ship. It showed her lack of taking responsibility during a crisis. I've been on vacations when crisis occurred and I always managed to come into work for the greater good of the company.

JRBDec. 13, 1312:43 AM

In defending her going on vacation at such a critical juncture Governor Dayton is making a mistake that could end up costing him politically. As the leader of the State he should have been all over this, taking a much more active role instead of just hoping "the Board" would handle it. Actually it's very similar to what's happening on a national scale, with Obama's failure to take a more active role in managing Kathleen Sebelius who has proven to be equally incompetent. If thousands of Minnesotans are left uninsured on January 1 due to the failed rollout of MNSure, look for Dayton's approval ratings start to plummet, mirroring what's happened to Obama's.

karb0013Dec. 13, 1312:46 AM

She is only making a $159,000............

fishbachDec. 13, 13 2:00 AM

In one story Governor Dayton describes MNsure issues as unacceptable, and in this story Governor Dayton defends the program director taking a holiday vacation prior to the programs less than successful launch. It's time for a new MNsure director, and it's time for a new governor.

DufferHDec. 13, 13 2:21 AM

There is no way this official's vacation can be defended. From the article it is obvious she scheduled her vacation AFTER the important December date was posted. The only corrective action that can be justified is her immediate dismissal.

peppermint19Dec. 13, 13 5:17 AM

She was playing fiddle while MNSure burned

A440Dec. 13, 13 5:37 AM

While Rome burned...

texas_technomanDec. 13, 13 5:42 AM

Sure, in this day and age you can manage from anywhere....but I it was an "all hands on deck" situation (still is), she should have cancelled her vacation. I wouldn't fire her for taking a vacation, I would fire her for showing poor judgement and a lack of leadership.


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