Ten legislators call for new leadership at Minnesota Orchestra

  • Article by: Graydon Royce , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 11, 2013 - 9:12 AM

The DFLers, citing fiscal mismanagement, say three key leaders should resign and the lockout should be lifted.

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cnelson22Dec. 10, 13 7:15 PM

How about mediation with no conditions?

jojoobooDec. 10, 13 7:23 PM

It's rich when DFLers claim "orchestra leaders of manipulating financial results 'in a deliberate deception of the public.'"

colenickmainDec. 10, 13 7:26 PM

Mr. Royce - tell us how much these musicians make in base salary, bonuses, and health insurance. We need context. Why isnt there a single story that includes this information?

mnpls123Dec. 10, 13 7:43 PM

They do this this day after the fabled Guthrie release their results showing a massive loss. They can replace all the mgmt they want but the growing expenses exceed the declining revenue. A leadership change won't fix those facts.

tcarlsenDec. 10, 13 7:51 PM

I am a huge fan of the Minnesota Orchestra and musicians. There are some CRITICAL FACTS that should be shared when talking about this story: 1) The Minnesota Orchestra is losing huge amounts of money because the market dynamics have changed. 2) The very sound solution from management was a final offer to the musicians for an average annual salary of over $104,000 per year, working not the whole year, and with very generous health, pension and time off benefits. 3) The musicians rejected that final contract offer that would have ended this tragedy with a happy ending. 4) The great Osmo Vanska had stuck with the Minnesota the whole time but said a rejection of that final offer would mean he would leave, a tragedy. The musicians rejected the rich $104,000 and lavish benefits offer anyway. 5) The Orchestra had been bleeding through the endowment for the future of the Orchestra, but the musicians want to rob that until it is entirely gone, robbing future generations. $104,000 per year plus lavish benefits was not enough. They want the future endowment too. 6) If the musicians were offered only an average of $50,000 per year, I would be on their side. That is not what is happening here. 7) America's exceptional network of excellent conservatories is producing one virtuoso musician after another just dying for jobs much less than what the musicians rejected. Let us have some compassion for the talented musicians that want to work. 8) The union is not for those workers -- and over $104,000 per year plus great benefits is not enough for the union. Why can't the unemployed great musician workers of America have what the union wants not?

perronjpDec. 10, 13 7:59 PM

Re: "Ten legislators call for new leadership at Minnesota Orchestra" - I really fail to understand what gives these legislators the right to stick their noses in here. They should be quiet and leave them alone. It is obvious by the lack of specifics re: the musicians pay etc. that the press is in full support of this effort by the democrats to bully management into submitting to their will. No "other side" of the argument at all. Typical leftist DFL socialist effort. Mark my words, the next step will be the push to fund the orchestra with the Legacy Funds portion which is dedicated to the "Arts".

mnpls123Dec. 10, 13 8:00 PM

Wasn't there an article yesterday on how the orchestra lost over 40% on the concerts they held, and this is after the special guests donated their fees. No mgmt involved to blame on this one.

brandleyDec. 10, 13 8:02 PM

New leadership on the board is necessary if we want to move forward. These three men are incapable of negotiating a solution to the impasse.

lukasweberDec. 10, 13 8:08 PM

The courageous and responsible legislators who wrote this letter are focusing appropriately on the misinformation provided by the leadership of the Minnesota Orchestra Board in order to receive public funding, and inappropriate compensation of the top paid leader, not only the failed labor negotiations. These are ample evidence that they should be removed.

omgurdensDec. 10, 13 8:17 PM

Ok Tcarlsen, you say these virtuoso musicians are so replaceable at $104,000, I wonder how many guys in a suit we could find to work for less than Orchestra CEO Michael Henson's $589,416 salary?


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