St. Paul to get more plows, new leadership to manage snow removal

  • Article by: Kevin Duchschere , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 10, 2013 - 5:31 AM

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, responding to a chorus of complaints about slick and bumpy city streets following last week’s storm, is doubling the city’s use of salt and sand, speeding up the purchase of new trucks and shaking up management of its street maintenance division.

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latethannevaDec. 9, 13 4:09 PM

Three years of living in St. Paul has definitely caused us to look elsewhere. Snow removal and parking restrictions on residential streets have been the top reasons why. Our first vehicle was towed (our mistake for not having moved the vehicle by 8am for a snow emergency) however, the three other cars also on that side of the street were left and plowed around. Our second vehicle was ticketed when they decided to street sweep 7th street after not placing "no parking this side after 11pm" signs up. They ticketed 6 of us on the street that time. Hoping St. Paul residents will see some change.

essdee09Dec. 9, 13 4:11 PM

About freakin' time. It was clear from TV reports this past week with the guy in charge of clearing St. Paul's streets that he had no better answer than a shrug of the shoulders.

If this was the first time this happened, well, stuff happens. But last December was the same story and all St. Paul's taxpayers got for our thousands in street maintenance fees is fatalism. It's obvious some people needed to be looking for another line of work.

actualreaderDec. 9, 13 4:12 PM

They increased their applications of sand and salt SUNDAY MORNING? You mean the fifth day after the snow/ice storm? "He said that more aggressive salting and sanding should take care of short-term issues — especially when the weather turns milder." That'll be April, I'll guess.

mnborn2Dec. 9, 13 4:14 PM

Minneapolis streets are in horrible condition. The ice makes driving dangerous. I hope R.T. hears what St. Paul is doing and does something about the ice on the roads in Minneapolis.

cosmicwxdudeDec. 9, 13 4:27 PM

They need a private weather service to help with timing of precip, temperature changes order to 'get to it' before it freezes solid to the ground. There are plenty of techniques to get better results and I can only hope they do so. signed meteorologist

jaded234Dec. 9, 13 4:29 PM

The streets in the Dayton's Bluff area are treacherous, as always. The city never seems to sand those hills and we frequently see cars (and school buses!)sliding backwards on the hills.

SqUaReD80Dec. 9, 13 4:32 PM

It's not about the number of vehicles, although it will help. It's about hitting the streets before the storm is over. Unfortunately, St. Paul now does what MNDOT does. Sits on it's hands until everything is done. Then, when everything has been packed down and washboarded already, hit the street. Try some common sense instead of throwing more equipment at it.

athe0007Dec. 9, 13 4:39 PM

It's about time. I could never figure out why St. Paul's snow removal was so much worse than Minneapolis'.

remlap1980Dec. 9, 13 4:46 PM

Finally. After I have been dealing with 2" of packed ice on my street for 4 months out of the year for 7 years they are going to try and do it better. Of course I'm selling my house in the spring, so that's neat.

matteotorgyDec. 9, 13 4:48 PM

You mean there was someone in charge of snow removal in St. Paul?


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