Minneapolis schools look at new ways to discipline students

  • Article by: Steve Brandt , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 9, 2013 - 5:32 AM

Racial trends in suspensions prompt a review of policies.

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dflleftDec. 8, 13 9:29 PM

NOT TOO SURE if keeping disruptive kids in the class room is a great idea, hate to see kids who WANT to learn and be there put up with more "liberal theory"

fwallenDec. 8, 13 9:34 PM

This is just balderdash. Coddling disruptive students will just bring on more disruption. Overworked and single parents have more disruptive kids than others. It's a fact of life, sad as it is.

workforit1Dec. 8, 13 9:57 PM

Comical... This is why we are not advancing as a nation. Here is a crazy idea, why don't you discipline who commits the crime! We know the issues that cause young people to act out and it starts with family. I guess the democratic part who says its ok to have babies out of wedlock and its ok to have 3 moms, and please don't judge. This just in, you launched a war on poverty and you lost! You will never get anywhere with the soft bigotry of low expectations. No one is special, and no one is above disciple because of their skin color. If you think "restorative conversations" will put a dent in this behavior issue, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you. I am glad to see my property taxes which keep rising are going to a school system that cant get enough money and wastes it on things like this. What do you think our grandparents would say about "restorative conversations"? These are kids, not adults. You think they have a mature brain to process these types of conflict issues? How many of these "gaps" do we need to address? Income GAP, Education Gap, discipline Gap, car gap, house gap, internet gap, dress gap, etc. It never ends. Lets just marginalize everyone. Everyone is the same. Great idea.

stribologistDec. 8, 1310:11 PM

Kick them out and keep them out, and let the kids who care learn in peace. Enough apologies! We should be mad at the parents, we don't need to criticize the educators that are doing the best that they can. No one cares about excuses, the sooner kids learn that the better.

mn55066Dec. 8, 1310:31 PM

I think there would be better results if the parents were disciplined. If a child act up, put one of the parents in jail overnight. The problem would soon be solved.

honeybooDec. 8, 1310:35 PM

If your kid is a serious student, get him the heck out of Minneapolis schools. They value revenue over learning in that district.

jaynedrakeDec. 8, 1311:19 PM

Is that school official saying that it is a cultural norm to disrupt classes? Sounds like it. Disruption is the biggest reason so many minority students are failing. And, they are taking along so many others because they can't learn because of the disrupters. At some point, maybe the state or federal government should take over, and those know it all people will find they can't do the job either.

basia2186Dec. 9, 13 2:04 AM

Put my son in a Catholic School for 2 years to play "catch up". I was a single mom and I negotiated tuition. I took the lowest bidder. The 2 years my son spent at St Helenas were awesome. He took 1st place in the regional science fair both years he was there. I was fortunate to be self-employed as I was able to drive him to school snd pick him up. I did that every day from kindergarten till 9th grade. Due to behavior/language etc. I refused to have him ride a MPS bus. Regarding misbehaving in class? Remove offending students to a 'quiet' room with an aide and the homework for the day. No talking, no nothing. Should behavior continue to be ANTI-SOCIAL, send them for counseling with the parent(s), at the parent's expense. If that doesn't work? Home school or full time, off site special education. English learners should also be taught in a separate area until English is mastered. The current tower of babel is not working and is distracting for those up to speed and engaged.

johnmplsDec. 9, 13 4:00 AM

When I went through Minneapolis schools 40 years ago, we were taught education was a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. If we screwed up, we lost that privilege. Today the Progressives believe that every student has a RIGHT to a good education. They don't. Every student has a RIGHT to the opportunity for a good education. It is up to the student and their parents to either take advantage of that opportunity or not.

basia2186Dec. 9, 13 4:04 AM

This is not a trend. Not a recent phenomenon. Pure progressive nonsense. The teacher explains what is expected of students regarding behavior and coursework. Not complying should get 1 warning to the student, and a note home to the parent(s). Next time a visit to the principal, with parents presence REQUIRED. At this point punishment begins. Both parent and child must attend Saturday school. Minimum of 4 hours. Remedial schoolwork for junior and parenting classes for clueless caretaker of child. After 2 Saturday sessions, if there is no improvement, tell parent as kid to take their dysfunction somewhere else. Back in the day what a quick swat to the behind wouldn't fix, a permanent ride on the short bus did. If that too failed, juvenile detention until 18 years of age.


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