Rand: Clarity emerges from Vikings' game in the blizzard

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  • Updated: December 8, 2013 - 8:19 PM

Four thoughts about the Vikings’ game Sunday, the likes of which we might never see again:

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pazalunaDec. 8, 13 8:34 PM

so without coming out and saying it, michael are you insinuating that maybe the number 1 problem with the vikings is the defense and not the QB....hmmmmm....novel thought in this media market

jplamp9Dec. 8, 13 8:59 PM

Agree completely you are your record. This team repeatedly cannot make the clinching play at the end of the game. 80 yards in 41 seconds is beyond absurd. One can make excuses all day long but this team has fundamental issues from the GM, to the draft whiffs, all the way down to the worst coaching staff in the NFL and players that start that would be 3rd string on many teams.

deermenowDec. 8, 13 9:08 PM

Lose the next three and the lowest the Vikes can draft will be #3

LeftydDec. 8, 13 9:26 PM

When the snow settled after another Vikings 4th quarter collapse...you can't blame this one on Christian Ponder! Better quarterbacking today from Matt Cassel...and still another disappointing loss. The QB position needs help...but, the defense needs an OVERHAUL!

slammanDec. 8, 13 9:47 PM

If the Vikings lose the next 3 and the Falcons, Skins and Texans win the rest (that was hilarious what I just said), then the Vikings would have the first pick. You're welcome. More important than their draft position will be finding a great Head Coach and Coaching Staff, a great QB, and putting a top notch defense on the field. But, to be honest, new coaches will make a huge difference with the players they already have. Again, you're welcome.

ALANDERSA12Dec. 9, 1312:29 AM

who cares where the viking draft? you have to have a "draft team" in place that will use whatever draft picks we do get wisely and will be of immediate and future help to the vikings. I have no confidence the current "team" will do that after all all they really care about is the bottom line and the status quo suits them just fine in that regards

johnpuhlDec. 9, 13 7:46 AM

Agree that we need to be able to stop a team from going 80 yards in 45 seconds. But, I would just like to mention that the Ravens couldn't stop the Vikings (the Vikings 3-9-1 OFFENSE, that is) from going some 80 yards TWICE with less than 3 minutes left. Yet, they won the game? While calling out poor officiating as the cause of the loss may not be right - poor officiating certainly didn't help.

strider53Dec. 9, 13 8:33 AM

So that is all you gleaned from your conversation with Bud.............boy this newspaper is really going down hill fast. Nice job............jeeze

northsportsDec. 9, 13 7:50 PM

I am very glad that you brought up the fact that we are an outdoor team the next 2 years and that does affect the play on the field, especially late in the season and into the playoffs. Number 1, you have to have a good QB with big hands who can handle the ball when it gets nasty out and the thing feels like a rock. Give Cassel credit for what he was able to do in bad weather yesterday. The guy should be given strong consideration to being re-signed for next year, at the very least for a quality backup. I still think the Vikes should go after Schaub in the off-season as an experienced big QB who is a bit of an upgrade over Cassel and can probably go 12-4 with the Vikes if the Vikes use their draft picks wisely to fix the defense. The Vikes need to draft Nix in the first round as he is the beast they need in the middle to make the biggest impact for next year. Re-sign Kevin Williams for another year and rotate him with Floyd to create a great middle of the d-line presence. You should be able to move back in the first round to pick up Nix while gaining another 2nd and possibly a 3rd or 4th to boot. Come back in late in the first round(use your 2-2nds) to grab Hageman or Tuitt to play left d-end. Resign Griffen for rt. d-end and use Robison as a substitutional/situational player like he should be used as he is undersized for fulltime left d-end. Robison was gassed at the end of the game yesterday and can not hold up at full-time at 265lbs. at left end. In order to win games with 2 minutes to go you have to either be able to run the ball to run the clock out or you have to be able to pressure(and sack) the other teams QB to cause chaos to finish it off. The Vikes are not getting anywhere near enough pressure on opposing QB's at cruch time and it is killing them. Tuitt and or Hageman have the size, speed and athleticism to stop the run at left end while giving rt. o-tackles fits on the pass rush which the Vikes desparately need. From there you can grab a decent corner to help out and then an o-lineman. I would probably sign a good o-lineman(G/C) as a free agent too as the o-line needs to be upgraded also. This team is not that far away from being a true contender. Playing Ponder to get him his 30 plus games of NFL experience did not work out and it is simply time to move on. There are a couple of very good young QB prospects that can be had in the 3rd or 4th round(Mettenberger / Logan Thomas) in the next draft that could sit behind Schaub and Cassel while learning their trade for the future. Schaub running an AP led offense with a strong defense can win a superbowl.

daytonsajokeDec. 10, 13 8:02 PM

A number of emails and online comments streamed in shortly after the 29-25 loss to Baltimore blaming officials for the loss. We get it. The refs botched some major calls, perhaps including a pass interference call that extended Baltimore’s winning drive. But when a team allows another squad to go 80 yards in 45 seconds for a touchdown, well, that’s where the blame starts................half of those yards were given to Ravens by one bad call.


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