For $300, cops provide Vikings safe passage to away games

  • Article by: Mike Kaszuba , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 9, 2013 - 6:27 AM

The caravan service is meant to speed up travel and airport security.

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mockingyouDec. 8, 13 7:11 PM

$300 seems ridiculously cheap to escort a group of 100+ people through a city with police sirens and flashers, and then completely skip TSA screening. i bet they could charge that per person.

tjg2323Dec. 8, 13 7:21 PM

This such a non-story. As a frequently traveler I think the TSA check before they get the bus is a very good process. Since the Delta flight is chartered it makes it that much easier at the airport for the Vikings and all of us traveling. The article focuses on $300. Please tell me the costs of travel/privileged parking that the Star Tribune management and other organizations occur and let me know if that is a story...NOT!

jbpaperDec. 8, 13 7:25 PM

Slow news day? Visiting teams also usually, if not always, get an escort after the game. I often see them going down Hiawatha Ave towards the airport.

I lived in a city that would give police escorts to tour buses on a regular basis. I thought so little of it I never even bothered asking any of the cops that I knew, some of them high ranking, what the reason was. There were no arenas or stadiums nearby so they were not athletes.

One last thing, as far as the Delta cancelling a flight, that is something completely different and Delta should be ridiculed for that decision.

tjg2323Dec. 8, 13 7:28 PM

NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Since the Vikings and other NFL organizations have figured this out, then why can't offsite parking provide the same service and bus people right through security. Think of the time savings for everybody at the airport whether they are part of the service or not. Satellite TSA verification to eliminate congestion at the airport...brilliant Vikings! For those of you that never believed that FedEx would ever work then you would probably agree that this wouldn't work out as well. Well you are wrong at least twice. Just think, you can assimilate TSA personal outside of the airport to perform their same function and could probably do so without as many FTEs that are currently deployed to provide this function today. SKOL Vikings!

foobarDec. 8, 13 7:33 PM

Yeah, but don't think you can pay $300 to get a police escort past security at the airport. Ordinary people aren't special, because we can't throw a football. This is a joke.

bomborDec. 8, 13 7:35 PM

I can't believe $300 even covers the cost of setting up the contract, not only the cops and cars for the round trip. Very special rules for these people, while we pay them and wait in our lines. And if they're so high profile, how did they get to the meet-up point without escorts?

janderson2Dec. 8, 13 7:42 PM

I'd pay $1,000.00 if they'd escort the Vikings all the way to Los Angeles. One way only of course.

harrisstevenDec. 8, 13 8:04 PM

I did these escorts. It's a joke. They are getting special favors that some politicians don't even get. It is just that Tsa and others are star struck with athletes. Let me hear an argument for doing it, and i will provide more details

jarlmnDec. 8, 13 8:08 PM

$300 is ludicrously cheap. Therefore, either police dept/government bean-counters are asleep at their jobs ... or, these teams are getting *gasp* special privileges... probably both situations apply.

tcatheartDec. 8, 13 8:09 PM

All of you can quit the fake outrage anytime now. This is as big of a non-issue as I have seen in a long time. As @ tjg2323 mentioned, this actually helps all other travelers by freeing up the checkpoint areas. They are paying for the service they are receiving.


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