Parents: Minnesota High School League transfer policy unfair to disabled

  • Article by: Alejandra Matos , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 7, 2013 - 10:07 PM

State High School League said restriction on athletes changing schools doesn’t discriminate.

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tcatheartDec. 7, 1311:29 PM

Let's not kid ourselves. MOST of these moves ARE for athletic purposes. There are certainly some legitimate reasons for students switching schools or districts. However, if this policy wasn't in place, it would be so much worse than it already is.

ruphinaDec. 7, 1311:54 PM

I love the line "the League AUTOMATICALLY denies all transfer requests". ?????????? Then why isn't it called an appeal form? And since they are starting with a denial, they should have to respond to the appeal within a specified (SHORT) time period. Unfortunately, as with so many aspects of the public school system, they are just incredulous that anyone would ever question anything they do. Bill G.

codger1016Dec. 8, 1312:44 AM

Using achiever academy as an example of a non-athletic transfer is ridiculous. The whole school is based on hockey. The girls teams has kids from all over the country.

april24Dec. 8, 13 1:27 AM

The MSHSL reminds me of the NCAA. Too much power in the hands of a few. Like the NCAA they like to play God with their ridiculous rules. As stated in the story, some AD's "feared retribution from the MSHSL." How crazy is it that AD's must be afraid of the governing body for something as inconsequential as high school sports?

Lifeguard06Dec. 8, 13 4:06 AM

I thought mn had open enrollment so the High School League shouldnt have any say in the matter to begin with.

davehougDec. 8, 13 7:19 AM

Jepsen, who has not yet filed any lawsuit against the league, said its policy is a clear violation of the law, which requires organizations like the league to modify their rules to allow a student with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in an activity such as varsity sports. = = = I am confused. Aren't the disabled being treated EXACTLY like other students?????

threeballDec. 8, 13 7:22 AM

The family's argument is like so many arguments we hear in today's society. Despite the issue obviously involving competing considerations, they ignore the purpose of the rule. The purpose of wanting to limit transfers solely for athletics is reasonable. The family's argument also has merit. I wish that we could debate issues while recognizing the competing considerations. We might actually develop policy that would make sense.

emilyjoDec. 8, 13 7:32 AM

What the author fails to mention is that students who transfer ARE eligible to participate in athletics immediately in all cases. They just have to play junior varsity for one year instead of varsity. If academics are the reason these students are transferring, this should be a nonissue as their kids still get the athletic opportunities they claim they want. But of course, when parents don't get exactly what they want (special treatment), they hire a lawyer and make threats.

sub80fDec. 8, 13 7:57 AM

Everyone knows if you want to transfer & play, you need physical change of address into the district, period. Should have listened to your friend and got the apartment. Blame over zealous parents for this policy, not MSHSL.

melloncollieDec. 8, 1310:17 AM

I today's liberal world all kids have some type of disability.


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