Hartman: Vikings, Twins require patience in new stadiums

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 8, 2013 - 7:59 AM

The Vikings broke ground on their new $1 billion stadium on Tuesday, a mere three years after the Twins opened their new $545 million building at Target Field in 2010.

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pattyzanDec. 7, 13 7:57 PM

I thought sid said the wilfs broke wind. Digging manure, who knows? Convicted fraudulent, racketeering, conman, evil intending owner that should be stopped and be prison bound.

olson123456Dec. 8, 13 4:29 AM

"Big free-agent spenders?" Really? More like dumb. Josh Freeman is a prime example. A waste of $2 million on a kid who is doing very little but carrying a clipboard. Chris Cook should have been let go a long, long time ago and the forthcoming departure of Leslie Frazier and Co. means that the Vikes get to start all over again. It is all money that is gong to go out the door as these people depart. I've lived in Minnesota since the 1970's, and I seriously doubt I will ever see the Vikings win a Super Bowl--let alone play in one--anymore in my lifetime. I'm sorry Sid, but if you think Zygmunt has the best interests of this community in mind, I have a bridge for sale that you should see.

comment229Dec. 8, 13 4:34 AM

Hartman, in your entire analysis of MN teams, I kept waiting for the paragraph about the managers/coaches. Are we missing something here?

fishanhunt2Dec. 8, 13 6:44 AM

Be patient? Attended my first Vikings game in 1961 and still waiting for a SB win. Attended my first Twins game in 5th grade. Under the present ownership, IMHO the Vikings and the Twins could be headed for even darker days, but hey both teams have or are getting new digs.. We Minnesotans deserve better than sub standard products for the palaces we have or are building these two teams.

zammanDec. 8, 13 8:10 AM

"The Vikings broke ground on their new $1 billion stadium on Tuesday" Sorry Sid, this should read the Vikings broke ground on the new Minnesota Taxpayer stadium waste of Money.

jackstpDec. 8, 13 8:19 AM

The big issue with the Twins is terrible owners that care nothing about the team or the fans. All they care about is money. The Twins will not be winners again until that changes. The fact they brought back the same slug coaches and Terry Ryan yet again after another year of failure tells us everything. Why does the media not go after them more and ask some hard questions? Other cities would not put up with this.

billybillyDec. 8, 13 9:09 AM

Anyone who thinks a new playground is going to help a team win is seriously flawed in critical thinking. The ONLY thing improving from this unmitigated disaster to the public is Wilf's bottom line. Retire Hartmann. You're irrelevant.

goldengoph3rDec. 8, 13 9:18 AM

'Require patience'. Hmmmmm. I thought for sure we were informed that building the stadium would make us competitive. I don't recall a waiting period (while the owners line their pockets with taxpayer money). So the Twinks have decided [three years later] to take some of their windfall and sign pitchers. Big deal, Sid. This should have happened years ago, so they don't get a cookie from me. Neither do the Vikings, who will follow the Twins lead and be terrible for a few years after the Jawa Sandcrawler is completed.

RossbergDec. 8, 1310:39 AM

All that's been demonstrated by the Twins is the fallacy of building new stadiums unless it's driven by the need for increased capacity or the current facility is beyond repair. Their attendance has been in steady decline since the day the ballpark opened. Like any new facility people want to see it - once - and then they revert to their previous attendance trends. This will hold true for the Vikings as well. With the exception of some additional restrooms there is no substantial improvement for the fans. This was all about adding suites, something which the average fan will never experience. Yet ironically they're the ones who are forced to subsidize it through taxes and increased seating prices. A false appearance of continuing sellouts has been maintained for years through the purchase of empty seats by TV stations and a few businesses. How much longer will that continue even though it has to since attendance throughout the NFL has been declining for many years? Sorry, but there's little reason to believe that anything's going to change. All we're going to end up with is $2+ billion thrown away on sports facilities with shrinking fan bases which were adequately housed in the Metrodome.

skeptikDec. 8, 1310:42 AM

Sorry Sid, Like most posters here I do not see either the queens or the twinks becoming playoff bound or even relevant any time in the near future. There just is no recent history of either franchise showing an organizational continuity that is geared towards winning or being competitive. The twinks spent some of the 25million in NEW TV revenue to sign a couple pitchers but with the exit of Morneau and his contract, the twinks probably will actually be able to spend less of their money this year. Then there is the queens organization whose whole focus is getting ZigZag's McGreed palace built. There seems to be a unwritten sports rule in Minnesota that states as owners, you have to spend just enough to put the bare minimum on the field. People will still come and fill the seats (especially if you are sporting a new tax payer funded stadium) and buy the expensive food and drink. So what would be the point of up-spending to perhaps take a real run at a World Series or Superbowl? So queens fans, I hope you enjoy your new palace/stadium because sports history in Minnesota tells us, once it is built, you will be waiting a loooonnnngg time for your team to be competitive again.


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