Amid good economic news, Dayton sounds like a candidate

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  • Updated: December 6, 2013 - 11:59 PM

Rumors that the governor might not run again likely can be put to rest now.

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pumiceDec. 6, 13 6:25 PM

Minnesota's results in the Great Neighboring-Laboratories-of-Democracy Experiment: Fifth-fastest growing state economy in the US + 122,000 more people working than in 2010 + taking implementation of ACA farther than any other state (expanding Medicaid, developing an online insurance exchange and offering a basic health program).... Put it together and what have you got? A projected $1 billion budget surplus by mid-2015!

elmore1Dec. 7, 13 8:04 AM

Dayton doesn't have a chance. His fiscal mis-management, betrayal of the people of Mpls on the stadium, relentless focus on taxing everyone (lower income smokers to fund his stadium fiasco, young families through proposed unionized daycare, giving money to the already bloated U, etc) will not be forgotten at the polls. That he is taking credit for the good budget news just underscores how out of touch he is..

Jakein08Dec. 7, 13 8:05 AM

Thank you Gov. Dayton! Compare MN successes to our neighbor to the east. 49th out of 50 states in job growth since Walker took over. He is a GOP hero for taking bargaining rights away from the unions though, I guess that is more important to them.

elind56Dec. 7, 13 8:29 AM

"The DFL governor relied on prepared remarks to announce his desire to use about 60 percent of the surplus funds that are not already committed for tax relief..."------------------------If the state was going to invest the other 40% in things that actually spin off a monetary return on the investment, that would be one thing. But they'll be pitching that money by the shovelful to the teachers union and any other special interest group whose vote can be bought. The state will blow through that 40% in short order and be back in our wallets for the 60%, and more, within 2 years.

jpcooperDec. 7, 13 9:25 AM

"Gov. Mark Dayton was in understandably good form Thursday as he commented on the just-released news that the state budget is on track to produce a $1 billion surplus by mid-2015"..................The Budget did not produce a surplus! Over taxing the citizens did!

crystalbayDec. 7, 1310:10 AM

It's ridiculously predictable that wingers will twist good news into something negative. They can't stand good news, especially since the GOP's governors have veritably trashed their state's economies (as did our last GOP governor, T-Paw). This is the way every state should be run and taxes have NOT gone up in a way which explains the remarkable surplus. This is strictly due to vigilance and thoughtful management of our resources. I'm proud of Dayton.

arspartzDec. 7, 1310:24 AM

If you want to live in a socialist collective, vote Dayton. If you want freedom, vote for anyone else.

mnavariceDec. 7, 1310:26 AM

Crystal "since the GOP's governors have veritably trashed their state's economies" ---- Bottom states for unemployment (source: Bureau of Labor Statitics): TENNESSEE (Red State):8.4, MISSISSIPPI (Red State): 8.5, CALIFORNIA(Blue State): 8.7, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (Blue): 8.9, ILLINOIS (Blue State):8.9, MICHIGAN (Blue State): 9.0, RHODE ISLAND (Blue State): 9.2, NEVADA(Blue state):9.3

elind56Dec. 7, 1311:05 AM

crystalbay said: "it's ridiculously predictable that wingers will twist good news into something negative."-----------------------------If I took $100.00 from you and then gleefully declared that my budget is $80.00 in the black, would that be good news for you?

mnavariceDec. 7, 1311:42 AM

jake "Thank you Gov. Dayton! Compare MN successes to our neighbor to the east. " --- how come we're not doing as well as our neighbors to the northwest, west, southwest(Okay we dont border NE), and south?


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