Dayton eyes tax cuts with projected $1 billion state surplus

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 6, 2013 - 6:48 AM

Under the latest revenue forecast, the state could repay the last of its debt to schools and still have $825 million left.

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aarghmebuckoDec. 5, 1311:40 PM

Pay off debts, then save the rest in the rainy day fund.

rauljfuDec. 6, 1312:08 AM

Let's be very clear. Dayton's initial tax scheme contained multiple sales tax increases, including the business to business sales tax increases that he himself called a mistake and now suggests that he wants to "cut". A Democrat cutting taxes they raised is akin to a tree falling in the woods if no one is around. Don't fall for it.

obviousDec. 6, 1312:15 AM

"Budget surplus" is a nice way of saying over-taxing the people of Minnesota the year before to save money for the teachers unions with an election coming up ...

LandsharkDec. 6, 13 1:17 AM

Let's pay the Viking stadium bill now in full and save millions of dollars in bonding costs. Pay now or pay later? We are still gonna pay.

divineleftDec. 6, 13 1:28 AM

Being a Republican means never having to remember what you said two weeks ago ..... remember, "we're broke, we're going to be Greece, the sky is falling!" Now it's "Dayton's taxing me, I want a tax break!" I thought Dayton's tax hikes on the rich were going to strangle the recovery, and the "job creators" were all going to move to Scott Walkerland to enjoy GOP paradise. No, Dayton fixed the economy and paid back all Pawlenty's accounting tricks. But they never stop whining, it's what they do.

comment229Dec. 6, 13 4:41 AM

The last time this happened, people clammered for a tax refund and it happened.... that brought us down to living on a shoe string again, and then things needed to get done and there was no money. Some here are either greedy or have short memories or both.....

comment229Dec. 6, 13 4:44 AM

Big problem when you have extra money and have build everybody a new stadium..... did we miss anybody? Here's a thought.... how about providing half of that money for low or no interest loans to school districts around the state in reverse order relative to the age of their school buildings.... This paper could publish a list of the oldest school buildings in the state of MN and some of you, would be in shock..... PS... notice I did not say "give it to them free?"

RossbergDec. 6, 13 5:21 AM

"In the meantime, legislators and DFL-aligned interest groups already are making their pitch for a share of the money, with many more lining up to press their case." Wave goodbye to the surplus since their definition of a share is traditionally 150% of whatever is collected.

ontherecordDec. 6, 13 6:29 AM

obvious: ==== "Budget surplus" is a nice way of saying over-taxing the people of Minnesota ==== So you'd rather borrow the money and pretend that you're managing the budget well. The GOP has a way of spending without taxing and that is simply irresponsible. But what else can be expected from a party that doesn't even pay its own debts?

martytoilDec. 6, 13 6:32 AM

Don't you love the people that complain when there is good news. Great comedic relief.


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