Obama issues order pushing gov't to boost use of renewable electricity sources by 20 percent

  • Article by: MATTHEW DALY , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 5, 2013 - 1:40 PM

WASHINGTON — Saying the government should lead by example, President Barack Obama on Thursday ordered the federal government to nearly triple its use of renewable sources for electricity by 2020.

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redeye12Dec. 5, 13 7:27 AM

Ok, so the gov't should triple it's use of renewables. Great. But you can't get power just from renewables. You can't go to Xcel and ask them for power just from renewables. You simply pay more to help them obtain renewable energy. The dirty little secret is, renewable energy sources are not considered reliable. So they require a reliable backup source. So in reality, you are paying more for renewables and gas/coal/nuke/hydro back up power. Ingenious.

dinojimDec. 5, 13 8:02 AM

And how much will this cost? Obama is just throwing more money to his green buddies(our money).

ruphinaDec. 5, 13 8:15 AM

There was no mention of how much it would save the government because it will surely cost them more than just buying the cheapest energy available. Plus they will subsidize the new renewable generation sources, costing even more. And don't forget all the effort, time, and paper to be wasted proving how much renewable energy is being used. You can bet every member of the Alphabet soup that us our government will now create positions solely to manage the compliance, issue new regulations to enforce compliance, and of course write the inevitable reports documenting compliance, complaining about why they couldn't meet the goals, and finally requesting more money to ensure compliance. Bill G.

formergopDec. 5, 13 8:17 AM

Yeah it costs more for now. But well worth it in the future.

dlzabzDec. 5, 13 9:52 AM

My truck is totally battery operated. When that battery is not being used it is getting recharged by 300HP V8 Engine.

russ999Dec. 5, 1310:10 AM

Summer AC puts a big demand on the grid.

By monitoring 50 single-family homes in Austin, Texas with west- and/or south-facing solar panels from June through August this year, the study found that west-facing solar panels produced 49 percent more electricity during summer peak demand hours than south-facing panels. According to the study, west-facing rooftop systems cut peak demand 65 percent, while south-facing systems reduced peak demand 54 percent.

Though west-facing systems may be better at cutting summer peak demand and add more value to the grid in certain regions, south-facing systems still have an advantage in total annual energy production.

sarahanneDec. 5, 1310:15 AM

The initial outlay is more then using non-renewable sources however over 20 years it is cheaper. But considering the long term future span is now 120 days I can see the point of why people would be upset about it.

fdrebinDec. 5, 1310:16 AM

Obama: Platitudes without intellect. using "renewables" ( which is simply a way to launder tax subsidies to Democrat campaign coffers and direct kickbacks to Democrat politicians) will cost the 45% of us who actually pay taxes around 50% to 100% more for that "green" energy. And since nearly all of the "renewable" technology is built on China or outside of this country, Bammy is again "spreading the wealth around" , mostly to his ideological equals in communist China, a country Obama praised for it's spending on infrastructure. Of course Bammy neglected to point out those projects are built with slave labor, but that is a whole nuther matter!

johnlbinderDec. 5, 1310:19 AM

More edicts from our King....

bogie246Dec. 5, 1310:20 AM

Obama is talking use, not production. It is a zero sum game. If the government is using more renewable, there will be less available to other users. The net effect on the environment? Zero. Typical liberal Obama...it sounds good and it must feel good to someone, but anyone with a brain knows it is another Obama sham. We need an adult in office.


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