Orchestra to city of Minneapolis: We are in compliance at Orchestra Hall

  • Article by: Graydon Royce , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 5, 2013 - 11:40 AM

Management also says the labor dispute with musicians excuses it from Orchestra Hall lease requirements.

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decembersueDec. 4, 13 6:48 PM

to claim a clause that was clearly intended to cover strikes applies to this situation is outrageous. This isn't a strike, it's a lockout. This has gone on too long. That building is a public institution, and should be reclaimed by the public. Frankly, that seems a lot easier than wrestling control of the endowment - which is now nothing more than a mutual fund to pay executive salaries. But the community has to start somewhere.

sukhinoDec. 4, 13 7:16 PM

"Unavoidable?" A strike is not the same as a lockout. This lockout was imposed by the MOA as a hardball negotiation tactic. It was planned years in advance so the MOA could kill two birds with one stone: save money by not producing concerts while Orchestra Hall was renovated, and starve out the musicians for a year so they could slash their salaries. That renovation was finished late this summer, and the MOA could have easily ended the lockout simply by entering mediation early this fall. Instead, they rebuffed the mediator they chose THEMSELVES (Senator George Mitchell), let Osmo Vanska walk, failed to even ANNOUNCE a 2013-2014 season until this week, and now they are claiming that hiring a wedding/corporate cover band to play at the Symphony Ball (a fundraiser for THEMSELVES) somehow makes this a facility that promotes the arts in Minneapolis? What planet are these people on?

orpheus90Dec. 4, 13 7:19 PM

From the article: “They [the association] lack a clear sense of reality on the damage that the management-imposed lockout has caused.” ... Agreed. I've never seen an arts organization so hell bent on destroying itself. You'd think the Association had jettisoned the mission of the Minnesota Orchestra and had replaced it with a vendetta.

texas_technomanDec. 4, 13 7:22 PM

Ticket income estimates...what are these guys smoking? They locked out the Orchestra...they have no concerts on the schedule, what...are they goin going to start washing cars? Throw the bums out...

jsbach2012Dec. 4, 13 7:27 PM

The MOA will twist anything around to meet their needs in this immoral and unethical road they have chosen to take. Let us remember who instituted the lock out! It was not the musicians! The musicians have offered 11 counter proposals to the MOA while the MOA's first offer was stated such that it was not negotiable. The MOA wants to save millions of dollars from the musicians salaries alone and the only option the musicians had was how it was going to be done.

akadamsDec. 4, 13 7:34 PM

Henson: "It’s critical to say we have been trying to negotiate a settlement for 19 months.” ...sure, say it all you like. Doesn't actually make it true.

lee4713Dec. 4, 13 7:48 PM

The Symphony Ball fundraiser counts as "earned income"? I guess that's how things get accounted for when the MOA Board is run by banksters.

mnpls123Dec. 4, 13 7:50 PM

Stay out of this squabble Mpls. Even if you step in the fact remains that expenses are greater than revenue. The city can't solve that problem.

tomtomasinoDec. 4, 13 7:56 PM

Over the course of the dispute, the leadership of the MOA board has lost all credibility. To begin, it deceptively provided inaccurate testimony and documents to get the bonding money. They then picked a fight with the musicians, and refused to negotiate in good faith. They have systematically and deliberately dismantled the Minnesota Orchestra. If the MOA board at large cannot dislodge the current leadership very soon, there is no other reasonable option than to begin the procedings to take back Orchestra Hall and make moves on the endowment as well.

csjohnDec. 4, 13 8:16 PM

Seems like a classic definition of BS at its most outrageous. The lack of actually working to settle the dispute puts the board in a clear state of default. Take orchestra hall away from the board. Reconstitute the board with dedicated capable people who want the Orchestra to achieve its goals. Lori Swanson must step in and clean the scoundrels out.


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