MNsure applications double as state works to fix glitches

  • Article by: Jeremy Olson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 5, 2013 - 5:40 AM

More than 71,000 have applied for health insurance, but problems persist.

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markc1Dec. 4, 13 2:13 PM

The republicans are working on a negative spin for this news!

remoguyDec. 4, 13 2:20 PM

As one of the 140,000 Minnesotans who lost their policy because of the obamacare debacle, I've been trying for three weeks to sign up on Mnsure. First time I spent over an hour trying to create an account and browse the offerings. With no success, I called for help and was told that the site did not support IE 10 or 11 and that I would have to downgrade my browser. I went to another system with IE 8 and met with no success. I'd sign in, click on continue and the site would hang. Next I installed a new copy of windows 7 with IE8, no anti-virus, firewalls, etc., and tried again. Same old problem. The incompetence of the developers of this site and their inability to work with newer version of Chrome, Firefox, and IE is amazing. It speaks volumes that less than 5,000 people have been able to sign up for private policies when over 140,000 have been cancelled.

EleanoreDec. 4, 13 2:36 PM

Remoguy, how does it feel knowing that when you provided personal information it was basicly like sticking it up on a lampost on block E for anyone with a motive to go look at? Wouldn't you be better off just letting the government subsidize your healthcare once you hit the emergency room if you can't pay for it?

lami0102Dec. 4, 13 2:36 PM

Key stat from the article: More than 48,000 people have applied for private health insurance on the exchange, with about one third of them eligible for subsidies to reduce their premium costs. Most of the rest of the MNsure applicants are eligible for public coverage through MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance due to their low household incomes....Basically only people receiving freebies are signing up. Nice work on providing handouts!

asdubiakDec. 4, 13 2:37 PM

The site is not working well. My application is still being processed and I submitted it on October 14th.

augsburg54Dec. 4, 13 2:48 PM

Markc1, No negative spin needed...Obamacare has been a complete disaster and is proving to be nothing more than a HUGE entitlement expansion which is not how it was fed to the American people. No spin needed...Hollywood can't write stuff this entertaining.

augsburg54Dec. 4, 13 2:50 PM

I think it's interesting that all of the original comments have been removed for they were calling Obamacare for what it is....a FAILURE.

ti1310Dec. 4, 13 3:03 PM

---The republicans are working on a negative spin for this news!--- They don't have to, the disastrous enrollment numbers and all the website problems speak for themselves...

beckymfDec. 4, 13 3:16 PM

I've been trying for 6 weeks to get through enrollment (with various browers), spent over an hour on the phone with MNSure (now you can't get through on the phone) and the site still locks up after clicking "pay your premium here". Now even if I do ever get through, it will likely be too late for Jan 1 start and I am afraid the enrollment won't get through to the carrier. ###

summerguy3Dec. 4, 13 3:20 PM

"The republicans are working on a negative spin for this news!"------ The article states "Most of the 24,586 enrollments involve state public programs. Only 4,478 involve the purchase of private plans on the exchange." With 4,478 private plan enrollments, I fail to see the "positive" spin.


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