U.S. Supreme Court cool to Minn. man booted from WorldPerks for complaining

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ and PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: December 4, 2013 - 7:34 AM

Twin Cities traveler says he “just wanted my miles back.”

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odinmanDec. 3, 13 2:24 PM

He sounds like a major complainer out to game the system as much as he could get away with. Just the fact that this case wasted the Supreme Court's time is telling.

mhkiddDec. 3, 13 2:38 PM

Why is his being a rabbi considered such an important detail in this story that it's mentioned in every paragraph?

gandalf48Dec. 3, 13 2:53 PM

I'm not so sure if this guy should lose his contract with the airline if he didn't do anything to overtly violate the contract. He complained...so what? Is it directly written in the frequent flyer contract that he can't complain more than twice a year? Shouldn't he have the right to complain if he's losing his luggage (as it seems like he did)? Sure maybe they should have warned him that if he was complaining about the in-flight meal after every flight and demanding a free ticket, that'd be too much but at least warn the guy that he shouldn't be complaining unless it's major (like losing his luggage). BTW, it's completely the airline's fault for over booking and if this guy continually volunteers for free flights by giving up his seat I fail to see how the airline can blame him, if they don't want people doing that then don't over book flights!

d434478Dec. 3, 13 3:08 PM

Delta...we just read earlier today that they cancelled many people in favor of a last minute flight "needed" by a college basketball team. Sorry...you paid but you have not seat! Anyone that take the side of Delta probably does not fly much. Good for this guy b/c he really stands up for all of us by sending a message to treat your customers better.

F4GIBDec. 3, 13 3:09 PM

NorthWORST at its best. Gandalf48 has it right. I avoid any of the oligopoly airlines whenever there is any real competition.

tandabussDec. 3, 13 3:13 PM

Ah, good old Northwest, now Delta. Always ones to put customers first. Oh, wait.

john0990Dec. 3, 13 3:13 PM

mhkidd, the word "rabbi" appears three times in the article. He is otherwise referred to by his last name. "Rabbi" is his title, serving much the same purpose as "Dr.," "Rev.," or Col." Why is it a problem for you?

beaver88Dec. 3, 13 3:17 PM

All you have to do read is the line that says, "5 million" to know he is the problem, not the airline.

gailycDec. 3, 13 3:28 PM

Aren't there more pressing cases for the Supreme Court to focus on than a frequent flyer program? And Rabbi, the airlines does not list you as a major share holder nor is its name "Ginsberg Air". There are literally thousands of passengers who travel as frequently as he does and deals with it.

fb1horowitzDec. 3, 13 3:33 PM

And here I just grumble every time I try to book a flight with miles to find out I need double miles, or there's no availability, but I don't complain as it does no good with our current dominant twin cities carrier. (And some of used to call it Northworst before the merger! Ah for the good old days.)


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