Don't let the plastic gun ban expire

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  • Updated: December 2, 2013 - 6:13 PM

Congress should do what it takes to limit undetectable firearms.

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wardnjuneDec. 2, 13 6:54 PM

Congress passed the NICS Improvement Amendments Act back in 2007 (after the Virginia Tech shooting). But none of these safeguards or procedures mattered once America elected Barack Obama president — because since 2009, Congress has denied the necessary funding for NICS. Not only do they need to renew the ban on plastic weapons, they need to FULLY fund NICS and they need to act on it, like yesterday.

tapiokaxDec. 2, 13 7:57 PM

I'd rather spend the money in deporting illegal aliens.

photogpatDec. 2, 13 8:53 PM

Last I checked, ammunition was still made with metal cases and metal bullets, and required a METAL firing pin to set off. This law was in response to Hollywood sensationalizing something that never existed. Google the "Glock 7" from Die Hard -- fictional I might add.

jarlmnDec. 2, 13 9:52 PM

"Undetectable" firearms and "cop-killer" bullets are all Hollywood fictions, fanned-on by gun-phobes, clueless as to the real technology involved.

RossbergDec. 2, 1311:00 PM

It seems like every time there's a pending bill with the word "gun" in its title there are those who think that if it doesn't contain a provision to confiscate "assault weapons" or some reference to Sandy Hook or Stand Your Ground it's an opportunity wasted. Since there doesn't seem to be any serious opposition to a renewal of the current plastic gun ban this editorial seems somewhat overwrought. So why try to make the bill into something controversial? There's been no interest in the past in "strengthening" the ban even though 3D technology has been around for years just like machining tools which have the same creative capability. If "strengthening" it is so urgent then why wait until the current law is expiring to try to enact it? This is a bill to address a specific issue, not a vehicle on which to piggyback unrelated anti-gun agenda items that won't pass on its own merits.

digger57Dec. 2, 1311:47 PM

"But the strong penalties in place for those who illegally carry these types of weapons do serve as a deterrent, as former Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan argued on this page."_____Interesting idea. Why not make murder illegal and have strong penalties for it? That should stop murder. If someone is willing to commit murder, do you think they will follow this law? The problem with the extending the current law is that it will only affect gun manufacturers who offer guns for resale through the legal channels. It can't affect the one-off manufacturer. Looking at enhanced punishment for people using undetectable guns during commission of a crime makes more sense, or we can just make murder more illegal.

arspartzDec. 3, 13 3:34 AM

This will save as many lives as banning Unicorns from the highway.

parn0015Dec. 3, 13 7:28 AM

"Although tens of thousands of Americans reposibly owns guns." Umm...try hundreds of millions maybe.

EleanoreDec. 3, 1310:02 AM

"I'd rather spend the money in deporting illegal aliens." - A prioritization more responsible than congresses’ or the administrations’. Why don't we elect competent people to office instead of rif-raff?

akamurphDec. 3, 1310:25 AM

How about enforcing gun laws that are already on the books? Ask a cop, the only thing with a 100% chance of sticking are DUIs, most of the time these other violations (guns being involved) are plea bargained or dropped anyway.


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