LRT foes tout park tranquility in southwest Minneapolis

  • Article by: Pat Doyle , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 30, 2013 - 5:41 PM

Park Board objects to light-rail bridge over channel near Cedar Lake, although nearby homeowners have private access to parkland.

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cav1234Nov. 30, 1310:16 PM

Another opinion piece pretending to be reporting, with loaded words like "perk" planted throughout. As Minneapolis residents not near the lake, we support the Park Board's stance fully.

jaynedrakeNov. 30, 1310:43 PM

I don't support the park board at all on this. If I had my way, since Hennepin County owns this right of way, I would get rid of the walk and bikeway; and I would make sure no future money goes to the Minneapolis Park Board. Same thing with the Metro Council and the State Legislature. I will also say that I don't like many things that the Park Board does. Examples:1 ) Why not a lot of restaurants along the river in downtown? 2) Letting everything go wild around lakes and Minnehaha creek-pretty soon, most people won't be able to see anything as they drive there. 3) Why not some really good sports programs around the city for kids in elementary and jr. high. 4) elitist fare(fish) in restaurants at Calhoun and Minnehaha park Needless to say, the next time there is a proposal to fold the Park Board into Minneapolis government, I'm going to vote yes and urge my neighbors to do so also.

minnguy34Nov. 30, 1311:02 PM

Just buy up the these homes and some of the townhomes along the path at 2x their value. It will still be cheaper than the $160,000,000 for a shallow tunnel that they are talking about. Then you can use the land for a path around the lake and more parkland. It is an eminent domain situation for the public good. It is not like you would be buying out Wally McCarthy Oldsmobile to build a Best Buy headquarters.

oct98811Nov. 30, 1311:21 PM

The bike riders in SW Minneapolis will get over trains near their park just like the bike riders in Golden Valley already do. $160 million in extra taxes is inexcusable.

donm251Nov. 30, 1311:55 PM

What's stunning is that the Metropolitan Council continues to take a "hub and spoke" approach to LRT, while the majority of people do not work in downtown Minneapolis. It's time to scratch expanding the LRT program and start a new design. The original concept dates back to 1980, which is obviously outdated.

ohanlonDec. 1, 13 3:41 AM

Another case of "Not in my backyard" when the yard is in fact, NOT THEIRS. Access to mass transit is a social issue that fights poverty. Folks who fight these changes assume everybody has a lexus to get to work. Some of us have no ability to drive due to mild disability that doesn't get us free rides with metro mobility. As a result, I am restricted to bus and train, and further restricted in where I might work due to the ridiculous lack of fast, cheap, and DEPENDABLE mass transit to huge areas of the local job market. Last year I worked a job where my mass transit commute took 2-3 hours, but driving would take about 20 minutes. That's 2-3 hours each trip. Now add snow conditions and job loss due to inability to arrive on time dependably. This is a very real concern for many poor and disabled people. People on this lake need to stop placing their 20 minutes of tranquility above the needs of people trying to survive in a city that has one of the most backwards mass transit systems of any comparable city in the country. If you can afford to live on that lake, and your peace and tranquility is so hugely important, surely you can afford to drive your 50,000 dollar suv with your 5000 dollar canoe to any number of nearby lakes to get your fix of tranquil nature. Meanwhile, those of us dealing with matters much more essential than aesthetics will fight to progress the mass transit system until it provides efficient and dependable access to the entire metro area.

SwiftBoatDec. 1, 13 7:12 AM

Let's call the whole thing off!

barbjensDec. 1, 13 7:29 AM

People talk about quiet and serenity, which is nice, but if that was all that was important we would not have allowed the production of automobiles, trains, planes, etc, etc. With progress, noise seems to follow unfortunately.

karin17Dec. 1, 13 7:49 AM

Peace and tranquility at what price?

basia2186Dec. 1, 13 8:10 AM

Natural gas busses and large vans are the logical solution. Light rail is intended for MUCH LARGER populations than the twin cities will ever have. LRT is elitist and an obscene waste of money. Any handicapped/disabled individual that is able to work and bravely does not succumb to the ease of living off of our overburdened system should be picked up daily AT THEIR DOOR! Re: streetcars are an out dated, cute, folksy, expensive and inefficient FOLLY!


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