Iran, trustworthy? Read this and doubt

  • Article by: Steve Hunegs
  • Updated: November 28, 2013 - 2:00 PM

It is good that senators are pressing for further sanctions.

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A440Nov. 28, 13 7:07 PM

nObama has, nOdoubts.

knuthansenNov. 28, 13 9:09 PM

Why is the issue of Israel's nuclear arms never addressed?

jpnIIINov. 29, 1312:06 AM

knuthansen -- Perhaps because Israel hasn't sworn to annihilate Iran. Can you point me toward a reference where Israel says that "Iran must be liquidated..." Didn't think so. I can't speak for anyone else, but I know that *I* wouldn't worry nearly as much about Iran if they didn't have people in very high places spouting off like they do.

crystalbayNov. 29, 1312:16 AM

For the first time in history, Iran is making overtures to turn to diplomatic agreements, and yet these neo cons and war mongers carry on their clarion call to arms. It's inconceivable that anyone would turn down and turn away from a potentially peaceful solution to decades of strife and animosity. As the old song said, "Give peace a chance" Distrust all you like, but at least go forward with negotiations. To do otherwise is only going to increase aggression and hatred of our country.

uknowthagodNov. 29, 13 1:09 AM

Do you speak Farsi? Do you know who translated these quotes form Iranian leaders? Unless you have an accurate translation from a unbiased source, you going to end up with mistranslated threats that neo-cons used to justify war mongering. Like the mistranslated "Israel should be wiped of the face of the earth" comment....

saoirseNov. 29, 13 6:59 AM

The byline, which tells me the name of the author of this piece, tells me all I need to know. He, and his writing, would have more credibility if the issue of Israeli nukes and Israel's refusal to participate in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty wold ever be addressed honestly.

maddalirNov. 29, 1310:17 AM

In a video from 2001, Netanyahu, reportedly unaware he was being recorded, said: "I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won't get in our way." Netanyahu also bragged how he undercut the peace process when he was prime minister during the Clinton administration. "They asked me before the election if I'd honor [the Oslo accords]," he said. "I said I would, but ... I'm going to interpret the accords in such a way that would allow me to put an end to this galloping forward to the '67 borders. How did we do it? Nobody said what defined military zones were. Defined military zones are security zones; as far as I'm concerned, the entire Jordan Valley is a defined military zone. Go argue." When is Steve Hunegs going to discuss Israeli actions towards Palestinians.

knuthansenNov. 29, 1310:24 AM

jpnlll- By your reasoning if a country keeps quiet it can build nuclear weapons.

ajnaguyNov. 29, 1310:44 AM

Israel has been spying on its closest ally, the U.S.A., for decades. Paranoid much? I suppose there's good reason. After all, Israel is quite possibly the second-greatest country ever stolen...

conniemercerNov. 29, 1311:18 AM

"Israel has been spying on its closest ally, the U.S.A., for decades". - The USA has done the same to out allies. Obama escalated it and got caught.

Israel posses no threat to us and yet the extreme left views Israel as an enemy and evil. They view Iran and N. Korea as victims of the USA and model nations. What a strange world they live in.


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