Recommendation to extend Capitol gun ban is defeated with tie vote

  • Article by: Abby Simons , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 27, 2013 - 4:01 PM

State panel on security issues is split evenly over whether to also ban permit-to-carry holders from bringing weapons into the Capitol.

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dakmarknetNov. 26, 1311:16 PM

So the taxpayers will now have to pony up several million dollars annually to install new metal detectors, more security staff, and additional security measures to allow permit holders to access the state capitol and grounds. What a waste of taxpayer money when all they would have to do is hand in their weapons until their business (if they actually have any) is completed, like the rest of us law obeying taxpayers. Thanks alot for spending our taxpayer money on such a frivolous expenditure. I suggest in the next legislative session they approve hundreds of millions of dollars to do the same for all the state offices throughout the state, libraries, schools, etc. and bill the permit holders for the expense. Just doesn't make sense anymore coming from the fringe right-wing.

jarlmnNov. 27, 1312:17 AM

With no evidence, statistical or otherwise of permit holders being a problem in this or any other state capitol, this nonsense was deservedly quashed. ("shot down" .. oh please, STRIB) This has been nothing more than the pusillanimous and vindictive DFL attempting to harass legitimate gun owners over their late failed attempt to institute meritless gun control measures.

youpeopleNov. 27, 13 1:53 AM

Glad to see less than 3 percent of Minnesota's population commands such influence. (160k permit holders divided by 5.4 million residents)

DufferHNov. 27, 13 1:53 AM

The language in the first paragraph of this story is really loaded and one-sided. It begins with the assumption that capital personnel are in danger because of the gun-permit holders. That view is purely subjective and not borne out by any data.

nativesonzzNov. 27, 13 2:38 AM

Simple signs at entrances that read "The Capital Bans Guns on these Premises," is what is done at schools, sports arenas. Our elected representatives should be concentrating on more pressing issues. More guns do not equal more safety.

butchie57Nov. 27, 13 4:02 AM

Be careful what you wish for. And what was the purpose of the man in the picture being armed at the meeting, was his safety at risk????

orpheus90Nov. 27, 13 4:38 AM

Guns in the capitol? Wow, is that a bad idea. But in the hypothetical instance that a shooting spree should occur, one sadly wonders if politicians will finally do something about gun insanity because it was they themselves who were attacked in their own workplace. At least they'll finally discover just how hollow and pointless their do-nothing rhetoric of remorse sounds, the sort offered up to console the public in the aftermath of shooting sprees that occur everywhere else.

RossbergNov. 27, 13 5:17 AM

Counting the days until Rep. Paymar and LG Solon are no longer in public office. This gun ban proposal is based on no evidence of a problem, no history of an incident, and no public outcry for more restrictions. It's simply a feel-good sop to the gun haters who are lamenting their inability to get the Legislature to enact a series of gun bans statewide.

wa0tdaNov. 27, 13 5:35 AM

It's hard to think of folks who show up in public places with Glocks prominently displayed on their hips as anything but "odd". Why not just conceal carry as you go about your day if you feel the need to be armed?

SCOOBYVR00MNov. 27, 13 5:43 AM

darkmarknet, did you read the article at all? Quote"Paymar’s recommendation would have extended the weapons ban to permit holders in the Capitol, State Office Building and Judicial Center, and included additional security measures such as metal detectors at each door." Paymar is the one coming up with these lame plans, he is also a Democrat.


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