Climate activists want 2 Sherco coal units closed by 2020

  • Article by: David Shaffer , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 26, 2013 - 8:55 AM

State regulators delayed a procedural decision on Xcel Energy’s long-range plans to give people a chance to weigh in — but briefly.

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tinosaNov. 25, 13 4:27 PM

Where will the replacement power come from and how much more will this drive up our energy bills each month? How will this affect the tax base in this county and the surrounding area? Minnesotans won’t mind if you replace cheap reliable coal power with Green Energy that costs them 2 to 3 times as much.

fiveofusNov. 25, 13 4:31 PM

And in Sherco's place, they propose what?

ruphinaNov. 25, 13 4:41 PM

I invite Steger and Freese to form a corporation, get investors, and build the power supply infrastructure to compete with coal. I am sure there are millions of Minnesotans willing to invest their life savings in such an inspiring endeavor to save the planet. Meanwhile, China will put online more new coal generation plants than these two units every year for the next 20 at least. Good luck with that investment. Bill G.

jd55604Nov. 25, 13 5:14 PM

These state regulators are just Marxist’s who use their state sanctioned positions as environmental regulators to force others into doing things that they don't want to do.

jhb8426Nov. 25, 13 5:37 PM

Yes, of course shut them down. Then we can all buy our power from the solar farms in California!!

shadeslandinNov. 25, 13 6:17 PM

These activists don't have a clue. They're still whining about global warming (now called climate change)... and they ignore science and evidence. Even the IPPC has had to acknowledge they were wrong about global warming and all the hype around it. But now Will Steger. For someone who has been to the Arctic and back he should know the ice packs are at all time highs and the polar bears are doing fine and in fact increasing in numbers.

bblheadNov. 25, 13 6:17 PM

Brought to you by the same people that don't want wind farms because they might hit a bird, or tidal generators because it might disrupt a fish, or solar farms because they aren't pretty, or whatever, but will be the first to complain when power rates go up. Move along, nothing worth seeing here......

besseNov. 25, 13 8:24 PM

We know very well that the investment by Sherco to cut the mercury emissions to meet what the dissidents state as their goal, would cost between $1 and $2B. And we all know who pays that cost---simply passed on via rate increases that the PUC endorses.

ishikawaNov. 25, 13 8:32 PM

Its grandfathered in. You can not change the rules in the middle of the game as it was clearly legal when it was licensed by these same regulatory agencies and subsequently built.

melloncollieNov. 25, 13 9:03 PM

The so-called progressives would prefer we live in caves, but would outlaw fire.


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