Federal health care mishaps taint state exchanges

  • Article by: Jackie Crosby , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 25, 2013 - 9:16 AM

States seek to distinguish their systems from healthcare.gov.

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wulffie22Nov. 24, 1310:17 PM

What is the budget for staffing the call centers? Have to assume that if there is one it is going to be exceeded by quite a bit if we are doubling the size. How will cost overruns be addressed?

DufferHNov. 24, 1310:23 PM

We're told here that enrollments at the state exchanges have increased, but we still haven't been told how many people have been enrolled in MNsure or anywhere else. That is the question that should be asked. The fact that 200,000 persons have visited the exchanges doesn't mean anything.

DufferHNov. 24, 1310:55 PM

"saw number triple" --- That could be anything from 3 to 30,000. Without that number all this doesn't really mean anything.

exrepublicanNov. 24, 1311:44 PM

Funny how all the teapublicans are suddenly so concerned about the people trying to get healthcare coverage, when all they have talked about for months is "repeal and replace." Of course, they never had any plan to "replace," but who cares about facts.

JRBNov. 24, 1311:56 PM

Does MNSure provide any guarantee that its site is secure and will stay secure? Should it be breached by hackers and personal data (including Social Security numbers) is stolen, what happens if people suffer a financial loss as a result? The fact that all of the information one must enter into the site becomes linked to all of the financial data one must provide to the IRS is not reassuring.

forpeopleNov. 25, 1312:00 AM

The MnSure web site is the worst system implementation I have ever seen. It has totally clunky software that could have been developed by high school students who are not very bright. Many days I have not even been able to secure information on available plans -- let alone try to sign up for one. The MnSure system is a disgrace and the policies I have seen are way too expensive -- very high deductibles or unaffordable premiums. The MnSure program is a disaster for most over 50. I think the Democrats have done a terrible job and really let many Minnesotans down. Not that the Democrats seem to care. Basically, the Democrats have given us Unaffordable and Unaccessible Healthcare.

dahdahNov. 25, 1312:43 AM

What a lot of folks do not realize is that the Exchanges---state and federal---are for individuals who wish to compare prices or want to find out if they qualify for a federal subsidy. Many folks---as we did last week---contact a private, independent insurance broker who will explain the different policies available and give price quotes. It works. Obamacare works. Tens of millions of Americans who do not qualify for a subsidy are buying coverage outside the Exchanges. This part of the story is not being told. Independent insurance agents in this state are getting dozens of calls each week from folks who want to sign up----young folks and those with pre-existing conditions.

comment229Nov. 25, 13 4:14 AM

forpeople: you need to tell us the rest of your particular story. Stopping half way makes the ACA and MnSure look bad, but it is not reality; it's a half truth. What is reality? Simple, I am well over 50 years old meaning my old catastrophic policy was as close to legalized extortion as you can get consuming one third of my income and on January first going up to fifty percent of my take home pay for no real health insurance; just to protect my family from bankruptcy. So I looked at MnSure, without registering, found the policies and could have stopped right there where you did, and made the ACA look bad. But I continued on and so should you and report back to us please. It is easy to enter your information in at the Kaiser Foundation tax credit calculator and compare your tax credit to the premium costs on MnSure (and no, you don't have to register to look at policy information with the simple information you enter at both websites). Every time I hear someone with the same complaint, online or in person, I ask if they have done this to find out what their actual cost will be. I also have heard this on call in programs on the radio. Most, if not all the time, the caller hesitates, gives an excuse, has not been there, or hangs up. I have even offered to enter vital statistics, the three variables necessary to find your policy options and tax credit, and provide the final information for you, as any navigator would do also. So.... we're waiting.

alansonNov. 25, 13 4:35 AM

The MNSure website still is not fully functional. Shoppers cannot access, through MNSure, critical information about the networks of doctors and hospitals the exchange plans cover. This is important information. For example, how many of you know that the HealthPartners Key network (offered on the exchange) is a only a subset of the networks it offers in its off-exchange products? Only one health insurer in the metro area appears to be providing access to Mayo Clinic in its network for individuals on- or off-exchange. If you want Mayo, you're going to have to dig to find that information. Buyer beware. If you don't qualify for a subsidized health plan, you're probably better off extending your search to the websites provided by each of the health insurers.

texas_technomanNov. 25, 13 5:38 AM

Healthcare.gov has had it's problems; but recent news show that it has been under constant attack (denial of service attacks) from right wing organizations...adding to the problem. Like another commenter I don't get why the GOP voted 42 times to get rid of ACA (which would provide health care insurance to 30mn people); yet all of sudden they are concerned about 1mn folks that have to change health care plans. I'm having a hard time believing that they actually care.


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