Former Minneapolis police chief: Renew federal ban on plastic guns

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  • Updated: November 21, 2013 - 6:16 PM

Threat is growing because 3-D printers make it even easier to produce them.

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jarlmnNov. 20, 1310:18 PM

I agree that "plastic" guns pose some security problems. But it is disingenuous for Dolan, who has a long history of opposition to citizen ownership and carry of firearms, to say "I have no problems with responsible people owning guns" and then craftily point we readers to a virulently anti-gun website.

chuzeusNov. 20, 1310:23 PM

Just hang a sign that says: No Plastic Guns Allowed On The Premises!

crystalbayNov. 20, 1310:49 PM

How ironic - AR 15s and other lethal weapons are acceptable, but plastic guns are not?? What's wrong with this picture???

kkjerNov. 20, 1311:17 PM

Tim Dolan is Democrat and is still pushing party beliefs, as a retired cop I would like to know when he ever saw a zip gun or anything else for that mattered and no I wasn't a Mpls cop who had a run in with him.

comment229Nov. 21, 13 5:16 AM

I actually read the headline and thought this story was going to go a different direction than what it did.... I thought it was going to be plastic guns that look like the "real" thing. You can't have this both ways. Almost every cop in America dreads the day they come across a kid with a gun and has to determine if it is real or not.

owatonnabillNov. 21, 13 5:39 AM

If history teaches us nothing else, it is that you can't stuff the genie back into the bottle. There are historical parallels everywhere. Back before Johannes Gutenberg the few books that were around were hand-lettered, priceless and very rare. After the invention of the printing press they were everywhere. Chief Dolen is disingenuous at best in his opinion piece: you cannot control the actions of people by controlling their access to whatever, and if this technology allows people to "print" plastic firearms you can the farm that people WILL "print" plastic firearms.

batman50Nov. 21, 13 6:48 AM

If it's all about metal detectors why would it matter unless they start to produce plastic ammo too- isn't that going to make the detector go off anyway?

elind56Nov. 21, 13 6:53 AM

"...a stiff penalty can deter people from carrying them..."--------------------The only people to be concerned about are those who intend to use the gun to commit a crime. A crime whose penalties would be much more severe than those for simple possession of the gun. So how would this be a deterrent for those who have bad intent and are thumbing their nose at an even stiffer penalty?

starboy123Nov. 21, 13 6:57 AM

If the FDA regulated guns they would be recalled.

SwiftBoatNov. 21, 13 7:06 AM

Remember all the hype about the Glock 17? OMG! The unfounded hysteria. Well, it's back. Plastic guns made on 3 D printers need metal to make them work, AND, the dense plastic gets picked up in airport scanners. So quit the hype Mr. Dolan.


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