Second opinion: Obamacare is fine

  • Article by: Michael Hiltzik , Los Angeles Times
  • Updated: November 19, 2013 - 1:31 PM

Canceled policies affect a tiny minority — a fraction of those denied coverage by GOP obstructionism.

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lostinstpaulNov. 19, 13 1:53 PM

Well just you wait until 2014 when the over 90 million people lose their employer coverage. . . than we are talking about a much larger %%. Add to that- the entire obamacare concept was concocted to care for that same very small %% of people "without" insurance. So your point is well taken, we shouldnt force the entire nation into something that affects such a small %% of America as a whole. Obamacare does EXACTLY THAT

joe_mnNov. 19, 13 1:57 PM

"20 million who are uninsured"? Low income means almost fully subsidized insurance. They use the ER for care now. The fed govt will pay their new ins premium and ins co will pay for ER care?

dschachenmeyerNov. 19, 13 2:02 PM

LOL. So today we learned that the exchange website that has been in development for 3 years and cost somewhere around $300M is only 30%-40% done AND IT CAN'T YET PROCESS PAYMENTS. This part has to be functional by December 15th for policies to take affect by January 1, 2014. What exactly are those 5 million people who are getting their policies cancelled supposed to do when their health insurance runs out at the end of the year and they can't buy a new policy because the website can't accept a payment?

my4centsNov. 19, 13 2:04 PM

lostinstpaul is correct. In addition, the writer is doing all he can to hide the pain being caused. There may have been 20 million without health insurance, but all this law accomplishes is to FORCE them to now buy it. Many will receive subsidies, but many will not. Most could have purchased insurance before, but simply chose not to. Now, they must choose what other part of their budget must be sacrificed in order to pay for what the federal government demands. Put this another way - if anyone other than a Democratic congress had caused this kind of pain to millions of people, both the media and this congress would be looking to prosecute them.

supervon2Nov. 19, 13 2:08 PM

So it turns out that the party of caring for minorities really doesn't care about a minority when they most likely don't vote in their favor. The truth be told.

circleoflifeNov. 19, 13 2:09 PM

Thanks for the fictional read this afternoon. It's a hoot! Funny, the Democrats can't be worried about 5% of the country but have it out for the 1%. Of the millions that weren't insured and the main reason for this bill, how many were young adults who won't be buying insurance under this plan either. Even if they're covered under their parents insurance because of this law, that is money not being put in. What's that percentage? How many are people that were willing to take a chance and pay out of pocket not because of affordability but because they know it's essentially a big rip off. What are those percentages?

phartjuicezNov. 19, 13 2:09 PM

MICHAEL HILTZIK: Wake me up when ObamaCare actually makes healthcare more affordable for US Citizens.

bblheadNov. 19, 13 2:09 PM

I'm not sure what color the sky is in your world, but the entire system has been broken for years and rather than actually trying to fix the system, this legislation is simply trying to force everyone in with the hopes it will all get better. Neither party has been very productive in really fixing the problems, which start with excessive malpractice claims, bloated billing to government programs (that won't get better with this), and insurance companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

FrankLNov. 19, 13 2:10 PM

In FL alone there was 300K were canceled by just one plan. Multiply by several major health insurers and 50 states, and we get a much larger number. If the people were happy with their plans just let them keep them. The ACA plans have too many bells and whistles, with too many coverage options. People should be able to cover what they need instead of all the extras. How about a plan with a low deductible that just covers doctor visits when you are sick, hospital stays and generic life saving prescriptions. The rest can be optional coverage at higher tiers.

william16Nov. 19, 13 2:10 PM

The author is out to lunch (and dinner too). Obamacare is not health care reform (as the author asserts in the first line) any more than Medicare is health care reform. Obamacare is a health insurance subsidy that will enable more people to get insurance, but not necessarily at a better cost or to receive better health care.


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