Lessened ethanol mandate proposed for fuel

  • Article by: DINA CAPPIELLO and MARY CLARE JALONICK , Associated Press
  • Updated: November 16, 2013 - 10:49 AM

The Obama administration admitted that the 2007 mandate is not working as well as was hoped.

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diogenesnyNov. 15, 1310:41 PM

A pox on gasohol, the fuel that takes more energy to make than it produces. Either make a product that succeeds on its own merits or go away.

ruphinaNov. 16, 1312:24 AM

Of course, it was and is ridiculous to base the mandate on a finite number rather than a blend percentage. Now we have the government in the stupid position of requiring a higher percentage blend than cars were designed for, because they are getting the higher mileage and using less total gas because of the MPG mandates. Only governments are capable of being so completely obtuse that they cannot see the folly of two sets of mandates working against each other. But then, since those passing these laws have been drinking the greenie-weenie KoolAid, we shouldn't be surprised by religious zealots making bad policy. Bill G.

tallbobNov. 16, 13 1:04 AM

Get rid of ethanol completely! It has driven the price of corn artificially thru the roof! Just making Big AG and Big Farming a Big Subsidy!

i35splitNov. 16, 13 5:19 AM

First off the farmers are growing the corn with or without the mandate. Therefore you cannot consider those costs in saying if it is cheaper or not. Secondly, in 10 years when North Dakota and west Texas starts drying up, the mandates will be back. This is all cyclical

mrobbins12Nov. 16, 13 5:50 AM

This is good news. It will lower the price of the raw commodities that go into animal feed, human food, and other products. This is only bad news for ethanol investors that rely on government subsidies.

nessmessNov. 16, 13 6:38 AM

This mandate is causing the destruction of millions of acres of prairie in SD, Neb just to plant more corn... Isn't ethanol supposed to be a "green" product.... Imagine that!! Food products should be USED for FOOD, not fuel!!!

reidNov. 16, 13 6:52 AM

Finally. Those worried that their business (building and operating ethanol plants) is in danger need to move on. Should we the taxpayers and consumers need to be forced to do something that makes no sense, just so some politician can be proud of himself and that some businesses can continue, despite many indicators that this isn't helping? Come on.

lars1074Nov. 16, 13 6:55 AM

The RFS is access to the market. The oil industry has a monopoly and will not let any competition use its distribution system. The ethanol industry wants to use blending pumps where you can chose to use regular gas or different blends of ethanol, this is opposed by big oil. Let them put in the pumps and see how the free market works. The only blending pumps in use are by independent stations. Corn is half the price that it was last fall. I'm still waiting for the price of food to show the drop. Farmers get less than 20 percent of the food dollar so the price of corn on the price of food is over rated. I hope the price of food follows the price of farm commodities but history says no.

fairtax007Nov. 16, 13 8:01 AM

Here is the other side of the story. We need to add oxygen to gas so that it will burn hotter to destroy pollutants in gasoline. We need to raise the octane on gas to 88. Ethanol does that. Low octane gas can be produce at a much lower cost. There has been thousands of jobs created by the makers of ethanol and a great deal of pollution eliminated by ethanol.

jeffhcarterNov. 16, 13 8:36 AM

Ethanol has been a scam from day one, promoted by those who wanted to make money from a false scheme that is not only worthless, but with several bad effects: higher food prices, higher gas prices, marginal land cultivated because of falsely raised corn prices. It hasn't improved air pollution, or had a net reduction of oil consumption. It has just taken money out of consumers pockets and put money into the promoters pockets.


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