Minnesota schools seek space to accommodate all-day kindergarten

  • Article by: Kim McGuire , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 16, 2013 - 1:00 PM

With 10 months to prepare, districts look to build, add on or shuffle space to accommodate all-day classes in every district.

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jhbensenNov. 15, 1310:11 PM

Strange as it seems at a public school kindergarten is free, so why make it sound like it is something the state is giving away when they could charge you for it. If these schools already have kindergarten classes at a half day and have a designated classroom for it how is this taking up space for other classes when it has already be allocated to them. Does the principal of the school say it's noon all you kindergartners out of the classroom it's time for the first graders they've been waiting.

nonau55Nov. 16, 13 1:46 AM

Oh no. Parents think this is a good thing? Having your children institutionalized all day so the parents can do whatever they like? This is so sad for the children to be separated from their families further. The Rockefellers must be proud to break up the family this way as planned in the 60's.

nonau55Nov. 16, 13 2:43 AM

Why don't people see the adjenda behind all this? Break up of the family and the state owns your children.

jackpinesavNov. 16, 13 7:24 AM

Wow! This is a long term jobs program to prepare our future workers to compete in world economy. Chamber and business leaders all agree. Children are not pets. Why is everything a conspiracy by "them"?

comment229Nov. 16, 13 7:43 AM

First, that classroom used only for half day as the kids go home at noon, is a half truth. Most districts keep the kindergarten numbers down by having a morning class or an afternoon class. Some have "every other day" with some kids coming on even days and some coming on odd days. Now, they would come every day, all day, meaning you have to have twice the classroom space. And sorry, I laughed at your argument about the state wanting to take over your children and their minds but I found that to be about the most ridiculous argument against this proposal.

comment229Nov. 16, 13 7:52 AM

PS... This is just a prime time example of how politicians will have a good idea, mandate something for all Minnesota schools before looking at all the intangibles.... yes, it's a good thing, but fund it! Look at ALL the expenses that districts are going to incur that were overlooked by legislators and the governor. Want to guess what their attitude will be? Ask any superintendent how many times this happens and you will be amazed and then go ahead and start hollering about schools not needing more money. You can't have it both ways.

peppermint19Nov. 16, 13 8:13 AM

My kids went all day every day when they went to kindergarten. I think all day every day is just wait to much for those young ones. I am sure the parents love it though saves them lots of money in daycare.

sailing64Nov. 16, 13 8:19 AM

Thankful that I was able to put my career aside while my children were growing up.

dorkeemnNov. 16, 13 8:35 AM

Funny - if Wayzata had listened to parents 10 years ago and built a new elementary school then (when we needed it) it would have only cost $15.00 million - not 26.00 million. But hey who cares? Voters have money!

decembersueNov. 16, 13 8:43 AM

Finally, MN is doing something real about the achievement gap. Less exposure to education at this young age leaves poor kids at a huge disadvantage, while wealthier parents pay for educational day care, or can afford to stay home at least part of the day and still feed themselves.


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