Dayton unveils plans for $300 million in highway projects

  • Article by: Pat Doyle , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 14, 2013 - 7:18 PM

He also renewed pitch for money for other transportation projects. But he acknowledged that raising taxes to do so could be a tough sell.

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exrepublicanNov. 14, 13 8:19 PM

So I get to pay more taxes for jerks to race their SUVs and pick-em-ups down government roads? The gas tax only covers 60% of highway costs, so those of us not dumb enough to buy property 40 miles out of the city get to subsidize those that did! And then those same moochers complain about transit and act like THEY are the ones getting screwed!

highlife75Nov. 14, 13 8:35 PM

Let me guess how to pay for it? Electronic scratch off tickets?

drfranktNov. 14, 13 9:06 PM

Didi he also unveil that he is going to give more than $1000 to charity? Or is that just taxpayers that are suppose to donate to charities and not the "important" people?

chablis28Nov. 14, 13 9:07 PM

Doing road work does pay back the construction unions who voted for Dayton.

chablis28Nov. 14, 13 9:14 PM

exrepublican, pipe down you'll get your billion dollar Nicollet Mall trolly soon. BTW, I'm in complete awe of you and your billiant decision to live in the city! You're a genius and the rest of us are mere mortals in your shadow. LOL!

A440Nov. 14, 13 9:16 PM

Dayton decoded: The taxes will continue to be increased, because the republicans can't stop us!

clnorthNov. 14, 13 9:46 PM

exrepublican. Where do you buy your groceries. You can be sure it has traveled the roads you complain about

josecuervoNov. 14, 13 9:56 PM

I'm "stillarepublican" and prefer low taxes, however I see the gas "tax" more as a road use fee and propose the federal and state gas "taxes" both be raised by 20 cents a gallon. The few times gas actually gets to $4/gal (based on current taxes) it would only rise by an additional 10% to $4.40. And with any luck, people would drive less and/or drive more fuel efficient vehicles, thereby decreasing demand and keeping gas prices lower than they might otherwise be. In no way am I proposing or yearning for European type gas taxes/road user fees. Further, at the state level I propose hybrid vehicles be assessed an $75 surcharge on their annual license fee and full electric cars a $150 surcharge. They too use the road and need to share in the increased road user fee. These proposed additional fees, based on 15,000 miles driven would yield the following additional revenue scenarios: $200 through gas taxes for a 15 mpg suv/truck etc.; $160 ($75 surcharge and $85 through gas taxes) for a 35 mpg hybrid; and $150 surcharge for the non-hybrid electric vehicle. I know, the suv/truck driving 15,000 miles does more damage than the hybrid or electric car, so maybe reduce the surcharges to $50 and $100 respectively. The most fair way would probably be to charge a fee based on vehicle weight and miles driven. Perhaps .01/mile, $.02/mile, $.03/mile, and $.04/mile weight categories. Of course we know there would be no fraud with this.

crimson1bNov. 14, 1310:26 PM

exrepublican: What percent of mass transit is paid for by rider fares? Not just talking ongoing costs, but also the costs to build Hiawatha, central corridor, etc

morenews0013Nov. 14, 1310:35 PM

exrepublican: do you grow your own food, make your own clothes, ride your bike to your vacation spot? It's pretty small-minded to only think of roads as a way to get to work. Unless you are entirely self-sufficient (cool, but improbable) our highway infrastructure affects the daily cost of your life.


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