Franken wants more NSA transparency

  • Article by: Corey Mitchell , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 14, 2013 - 5:51 AM

He believes more light needs to be shed on what the agency is doing with the data it collects and how it is affecting people.

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nathanhaleNov. 13, 1311:24 PM

Translation: Pay no attention to my deciding vote in favor of the National Disaster that is Obamacare. Move on to a different outrage please. What, it's the administration I endorsed that's doing the spying - um, well, ah, hmm. Franken needs to go for his Obamacare vote and we need to punish Obama for spying by dumping the Senators who support him. Al's concern is just a we pit shallow don't you think?

ninetwelveNov. 14, 13 1:06 AM

Instead of proposing to stop the spying on Americans he simply is proposing that the subjects should have more visibility about the spying. Good one Al. Is anyone challenging Al for the DFL endorsement yet?

supervon2Nov. 14, 13 5:08 AM

Al really does not want any changes to the NSA as they supply all the documents from the Minnesota races to his campaign office.

euripidesNov. 14, 13 6:01 AM

> ninetwelve. Good morning- but no one will challenge Franken because all the dems support total global surveillance and assassination by the US government. They lied to you about all this for ten years and you think the next dem who tosses you something like "transparency" in spying is telling you the truth? "Transparency in spying" is an oxymoron- a self-contradictory term. Al was making a joke. Most people won't catch on because they've been programmed to take Franken seriously. And that way it's even funnier: smart people deeply ruminating on "transparency in spying". It's pretty funny when you think about it. A vote for any republican or democrat is tacit support for universal expansion of government surveillance and authority. I have no problem with it because the people- no matter what they say- love absolute government power. It arouses them. Otherwise, you need to vote for a third party in order to avoid endorsing totalitarian government power.

SwiftBoatNov. 14, 13 6:41 AM

SO, it we like our old privacy, we can keep it?

cons13Nov. 14, 13 8:06 AM

It's a little late Al! Time to vote All out of office.

alderman6770Nov. 14, 1310:34 AM

Great, Al. And this comes from a guy who cozies up to Obama...a president who pledged he'd lead the *cough* "most transparent administration in history." You can't make this stuff up.

suexophendarNov. 14, 1310:52 AM

Al Franken also wants us to forget he voted for Obamacare, or that he Voted in the Senate to pass the immigration bill that will hand out 40Million work permits over the next decade to continue flooding of the US labor market, or that he wants to make 20Million fraudulently documented foreign criminals eligible for US Citizenship.

rigateNov. 14, 1311:50 AM

The Senator from New York must have just awakened from his nap. This story is almost as old as the Obamacare failure. Maybe the NSA should run the HCA site? They seem to be good at what they do!

frank3Nov. 14, 1312:16 PM

How a town hall meeting? We can discuss this and your other promises of aiding Minnesotans. We need to express our love of all that you doing for us, the American People. Heil Obama.


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