Braves deal highlights tough decisions for communities as they weigh public money for stadiums

  • Article by: CHRISTINA A. CASSIDY , Associated Press
  • Updated: November 12, 2013 - 5:10 PM

ATLANTA — When Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed found out a neighboring community had made a generous offer to help finance a new Braves stadium, he balked and said the city simply couldn't compete.

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donotbugmeNov. 12, 1310:33 AM

The clock is running. Target Field is already three years old. Twins ownership will start clamoring for a new stadium in seven years. Twelve years from now it will be the "worst stadium in major league baseball". Teardown and replacement will commence fifteen years from now. The new stadium will open seventeen years from now, in 2030. Start saving your dimes and nickels for the construction costs.

joe_mnNov. 12, 1311:06 AM

The twins should look at the vacant land in Arden hills

dirletonNov. 12, 1311:20 AM

Wouldn't surprise me one bit. The best we can hope for is that it is NOT the same ownership.

reader2580Nov. 12, 1311:22 AM

It is really silly that a team would only play 20 years in a practically new stadium before moving to a new stadium. I doubt the Twins will be in the same situation. The dome was a dump built on shoe string budget. Target Field is state of the art.

pmarc078Nov. 12, 1311:44 AM

so atlanta can't afford 150-200 million, but our smaller city has no problem not only shovelling 150 million into an NFL stadium, but 50 million for basketball arena upgrade. hmmmm.... pretty telling. guess which city will be raising it's property taxes sooner? or which will be in bankruptcy court sooner?

paul44Nov. 12, 1312:01 PM

The Twins have a 30 yr lease at Target Field, it runs through 2039. Any speculation about what the Twins will do at the end of the lease seems a tad bit premature at this time.

acctsah2Nov. 12, 1312:10 PM

So what I am getting from this story is....Atlanta was actually smart enough to say no. A weathier county is trying to figure out how they are going to pay for the new stadium, the Braves bullied their way into a new facility much like most professional teams, the Braves did not care for the poor neighborhood they were in......Ohhh professional sports, you bring us all so much joy.

mckensm0Nov. 12, 1312:11 PM

The sad part of this story is the planned demolition of a 17-year old structure. The notion that such a building didn't even last twenty years is appalling. The Braves say they are moving into a wealthy zip code closer to their fan base but they will regret not being part of a downtown, where all the sports teams now wish to be.

FrankLNov. 12, 1312:27 PM

Realize this stadium was slapped together for the 96 Olympics and then converted for the Braves to use. The stadium was not in downtown but a couple of miles away in a dumpy no man's land.

zammanNov. 12, 1312:55 PM

I have been to a few ballparks, and the "Ted" was the only one I did not have to pay parking at. I paid someone to watch my car.....


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