E-cig shops taking hold in the Twin Cities suburbs

  • Article by: Shannon Prather , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 10, 2013 - 12:18 AM

Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly available in the metro area, part of a growing industry that so far is relatively unfettered by regulations.

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simmys11Nov. 9, 1311:02 PM

“There is still a lot we don’t know about these products, including whether they will decrease or increase use of traditional cigarettes.” That could be said about ANY product. We also don't know whether eating steak and potatoes "increases or decreases use of traditional cigarettes," yet we do not use that as a reason to regulate "the wild west" practice of eating steak and potatoes. Cigarettes are toxic because they COMBUST a solid fuel (tobacco). These products are fundamentally different in that NO COMBUSTION occurs.

Truckman182Nov. 9, 1311:33 PM

The government of course is trying to find a way to tax and regulate this new industry....

fatredneckNov. 10, 13 1:23 AM

E-cigs made it not only possible, but easy for me to quit a 35 year tobacco cigarette habit the very first day! One key advantage that I noticed immediately was how clean e-cigs are. No more dirty ashtrays is so nice. What prompted the switch was the hike in cigarette taxes more than anything. I was smoking about half a pack a day which at $6 a pack was costing me $24 a week. E-cigs, after the initial investment, cost me less than $20 a month!

getcrazyNov. 10, 13 6:11 AM

So how long before Clearway uses money from the tobacco lawsuit (money that should go to cancer research and helping people quit smoking) and uses it to go after e-cigs simply because they look like cigarettes? It doesn't matter to Clearway if e-cigs help people quit smoking. It just looks like smoking so it must be evil. They will be lobbying now to tax them at 100% and keep their social engineering through taxation plan going as usual.

wa0tdaNov. 10, 13 7:04 AM

Nicotine constricts arteries and thus can raise blood pressure, while at the same time prompting the body to release more cholesterol into the blood. It doesn't matter if it comes from a cigarette, e-cig, or nicotine gum. I'm guessing that the long run will see less risk of lung disease from these new products but increased heart attacks.

swmnguyNov. 10, 13 7:16 AM

I finally quit smoking after nearly 35 years of nicotine addiction. Make no mistake; I'm still addicted to nicotine. If I smoked a cigarette, or used an e-cigarette, put on a patch, or took a dip, I'd be back at a pack-a-day nicotine consumption rate instantly.

When I was a smoker, I tried to find information on the health risks of nicotine itself, separate from the toxins in tobacco smoke, and the oral health issues of chewing tobacco. I wanted to know what long-term use of the patch or gum would do. I couldn't find any useful information. Plenty of talk about the 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, but precious little about the active ingredient that is why anyone keeps smoking in the first place.

It looks like the same thing is true about e-cigarettes. What are the other chemicals in the juice? What are the actual risks? I'm sure it's safer for everyone than smoking, and if it helps smokers get healthier, I'm all for it. But what are the real risks? I'm grateful that's just a question of curiosity for me today, but users need better information.

dad2fourNov. 10, 13 7:29 AM

There is a growing concern, that these devices can be used as alternate drug delivery devices. Already, liquid marijuana can be obtained and vaporized in these devices. Many other drugs that are far more devastating than nicotine can be vaporized and introduced into the lungs with these things. As if parents didn't already have enough to worry about! There seems to be no end to the ways that people will abuse themselves it seems.......

pitythetoolsNov. 10, 13 8:13 AM

This will cause a panic with the liberal politicians who love to regulate our lives and tax us for everything. I was looking at me energy bill yesterday and found a transit tax on it. Previously I found a transit tax on my cell phone bill. They will need to tax e-cigs and add a transit tax to it as well. The democrats are so out of control in this country they think they own us.

melloncollieNov. 10, 13 8:26 AM

"There is a growing concern, that these devices can be used as alternate drug delivery devices" - We used toilet paper rolls covered with aluminum foil to smoke dope when I was young. Maybe they should have regulated or banned both of those items.

dmay88Nov. 10, 13 8:44 AM

I need to clarify: I'm not advocating a government solution to this problem, just pointing out concerns. Government solution also tends to come in and mop up after individual responsibility failures. I certainly don't advocate that.


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