Get the lead out of hunting

  • Article by: Sydney Firmin
  • Updated: November 8, 2013 - 6:11 PM

Short of that, do what you can to minimize the impact on wildlife.

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mmediaNov. 8, 13 6:59 PM

Copper works just fine. In the last 4 seasons, 4 deer on 4 shots, (but I do use about 2-3 boxes zeroing in every fall). I spend more on my license, gear and gas, than I do on all those shells. I agree, get the lead out.

supervon2Nov. 8, 13 7:46 PM

I wonder if student knows that the banks of the Mississippi provided the mud for lead mining for over 100 years. Sometimes you have to remind people where these minerals come from.

chuckspearerNov. 8, 13 8:25 PM

The lead expelled in deer hunting is minuscule in quantity and in environmental impact. Very little of it goes into lakes or rivers. It is not eaten by other wildlife (or by humans. Most deer hunters don't even fire a shot beyond the range. Please, let's not waste time fixing problems that don't really exist.

verdepatoNov. 8, 13 9:37 PM

chuckspearer has a very valid and commonsense point

jarlmnNov. 8, 1310:45 PM

In addition to the effects of lead ammunition in the environment, being unscientifically over-stated, lead bans serve as a all-too-convenient back-door way for liberals to harass gun owners by driving up the cost of ammunition.

freedumb86Nov. 8, 1310:47 PM

chuckspearer- your comment is a breath of fresh air. Lead from hunting is minor and low IQs from lead is really not something we should worry about.

tinosaNov. 9, 13 7:17 AM

If the only time you take your gun out is to go hunting a couple of days each year, then the increased cost is not a big deal. But if you are hunting and target shooting 3 or 4 times a month, the cost for copper ammo goes thru the roof.

owatonnabillNov. 9, 13 7:32 AM

Heh. The bald eagle population is booming in Minnesota and there are more deer (AKA brushcarp) than ever. Owatonnabill & kin have eaten critters killed with lead shot only since forever and none exhibit any ill effects. 'Course, none of that matters to The-Sky-Is-Falling crowd.

pitythetoolsNov. 9, 13 7:45 AM

Question: If you shoot and kill a deer do you leave the meat behind that has the bullet in it? It would seem you would take the carcass in for processing, they would cut the bullet out of the meat and discard it. Please explain if this is wrong. I certainly understand some bullets may be in the entrails and left at the kill site, but aren't most in the meat?

Jakein08Nov. 9, 13 8:18 AM

For those of you denying the problem, please explain the lead poisening being reported by the raptor centers. I am not picking a fight here, I am very curious to hear your rationale.


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