What do the Minnesota Orchestra musicians want? A shared vision

  • Article by: Marcia Peck, Tony Ross and Tim Zavadil
  • Updated: November 10, 2013 - 6:19 PM

It existed once and brought excellence. We can choose to have it again.

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richerdavisNov. 10, 13 3:43 PM

This is the conflict in a nutshell: wealthy people in control deciding they want the cheap, good-enough product, and who trade away greatness to get there.

magoldsteinNov. 10, 13 4:35 PM

There are countless examples of Orchestras that have been able to market and sell their product well (Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Houston, San Diego, New York, to name just a few)--- and so many reports of fundraising records! Why can't the people running the Minnesota Orchestra from the Minnesota Orchestral Association figure out how to do this too? It's puzzling. Could it be that they don't want to? In any event, if they were running a business, they would be replaced and new blood would come in. Why not now?

nymikeNov. 10, 13 4:36 PM

Beautifully put, but is the Board capable of listening?

rumblNov. 10, 13 4:59 PM

I don't see how the Association could ever be trusted again. In my opinion, the musicians should continue independently and leave the Association to their millions and their beautiful, empty, silent hall.

ajnaguyNov. 10, 13 5:17 PM

There will be comments to follow that simply follow an anti-union or anti-excellence screed. No doubt, the persons writing them will attempt to say that what was written does not represent a counter-proposal. These people are driven and inspired by the only thing they think is real -- money. And because this piece isn't blindingly obsessed with money, they just won't get it. Like a few of the middle schoolers I teach, who are obsessed with clothes or iPods or people feeling exactly the same, they simply cannot understand that someone else might have a broader or a different perspective. They will heap scorn and derision and "market forces" (a concept about as made-up as Santa Claus) on any comment that supports the musicians. In short, once again, this is not about the money. It's about who and what the Minnesota Orchestra will represent into the future.

badcopperNov. 10, 13 5:25 PM

If a post about a work rule change was accurate( board members can have musicians play at gatherings whenever the board members want)..... Your real opportunity to sway public opinion is to itemize the most egregious positions of the board. Help the public understand more.

assemanyNov. 10, 13 5:47 PM

I do not understand the actions of the MOA leadership, especially when one considers the size of the MOA endowment. This was not a crisis situation, there was no need for the drastic measure of locking out the musicians to save the institution. That was an example of the cure killing the patient. In my experience as a modestly successful small business owner I have learned that you cannot solve a deficit problem by cutting costs, especially when those cost cutting measures sacrifice the quality of the product. The situation here is even worse because not only is the quality of the product (the orchestra) being compromised; the customer base (ticket buyers and donors) is being alienated. A more sensible solution would have been to find a reasonable compromise contract that the musicians could accept, and then work together to find ways to increase revenue and move forward together. The actions of MOA leadership are not just reprehensible. They are, in my opinion, contrary to what would be in the best interests for the long term survival of the institution.

supervon2Nov. 10, 13 6:49 PM

It still looks like the musicians just plain want more money than is available. They can just keep wanting as far as I can see.

totaltruthNov. 10, 13 7:18 PM

""It's about who and what the Minnesota Orchestra will represent into the future.""


Most of the large contributors to the orchestra no longer want to fund these musicians, and the people of this state do not want public funds used.

In addition, the vast majority of the people in this state do not care whether or not we have this group of overpaid musicians in Minnesota.

atwardowNov. 10, 13 7:43 PM

totaltruth: Then Minnesota can enjoy its descent into undistinguished, pathetic mediocrity.


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