Back-channel Minnesota Orchestra talks go nowhere

  • Article by: Graydon Royce , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 8, 2013 - 10:46 PM

Six weeks after the resignation of music director Osmo Vänskä, the Minnesota Orchestra dispute appears further than ever from a resolution.

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swschradNov. 8, 1312:08 PM

think it's time to dump the present management by the no-lease option, reform the orchestra as a civic or state asset, and make the board responsive to city hall or the legislature. let the bankers-in-charge to back to evicting widows and orphans.

FrankLNov. 8, 1312:09 PM

How about using an example closer to home. The SPCO managed to negotiate to a middle ground without any need for government support.

mnorchfanNov. 8, 1312:13 PM

So the 18 month union tantrum continues and since the union can't get the extra pay that doesn't exist it is going to run to the democrat union backed mayor and AG to take what they think they deserve regardless of the facts. How do we get new musicians that aren't puppets of organized labor?

ajnaguyNov. 8, 1312:24 PM

Once again, Graydon Royce is way behind the actual news and reporting being done on the blogs. He compounds this by presenting the management side (AGAIN) at the beginning of the column ("We're offering them more money - why won't they take it? Waaah!"), and in the final couple of paragraphs, gets to the root of matter - the 200 work rule and structural changes that management are demanding the musicians accept unconditionally. Once again (are you listening, mnorchfan?) - this isn't about salaries. It's about who and what the Minnesota Orchestra stands for.

markapNov. 8, 1312:25 PM

Sell tickets for what you can. Subtract overhead and expenses. Divide the rest up for salaries. That's how it works in the grown-up world.

whalesmnNov. 8, 1312:27 PM

I think it's pretty clear that it's time to cut the present union represented orchestra members loose, and start over. They aren't interested in any solution other than "our way or the highway". Reminds me of the Hormel strike back in the mid-80's. Next thing the union will come back with is "not only won't we accept ANY cut in pay or benefits, but we're actually demanding a pay and benefits increase". Dream on guys!!

joe_mnNov. 8, 1312:33 PM

It's good that the musicians website lists what they want. Would be nice if they could show item by item what the management is offering. Than we could have a nice matrix of points to discuss at the strib comment section.

bubzkiNov. 8, 1312:36 PM

Minneapolis can't afford any more expenditures, but the state clearly can, if we value the arts like we do sports. Still, maybe they can play in our city-funded Taj-ma-Zygi.

richerdavisNov. 8, 1312:42 PM

The truth is not in the direct center of the dispute. One side has locked out the other. One side is denied income, medical coverage and work. When this is finally acknowledged and corrected (by those responsible), then progress can take place.

bstjernNov. 8, 1312:46 PM

St. Olaf has a fine orchestra. Invite them to play at Orchestra Hall. They'd do it for free and the reviews would be fantastic.


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