Vikings Allen says 'hazing' can be rite of passage

  • Article by: MASTER TESFATSION , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 6, 2013 - 6:10 AM

The Vikings veteran says the practice can be a rite of passage if kept in check.

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atlmikeNov. 5, 13 8:36 PM

there are certain traditions that come with being a freshman or rookie. you carry someone's suitcase, equipment, sing your fight song, etc. it's a little bit of dues paying and can be a way of being welcomed, yet brought down a peg too. unfortunately, idiots take things too far and let's face it, getting paid to knock someone over, or keep someone else from getting knocked over, does not from this occupation sensitive fellows necessarily come.

roberth999Nov. 5, 13 9:32 PM

atlmike....whatever you said at the end doesn't make any sense. LOL However, making someone "belong" in your group that doesn't have to do with the "job" isn't necessary and not doing that stuff might be better than doing it, don't you think?

dougmac1Nov. 5, 1311:25 PM

Richie Incognito was nice to Jared Allen because of Allen's veteran stature. That is why Allen thinks Incognito has a good heart. By definition, bullies don't bully the strong.

fivepinguyNov. 5, 1311:43 PM

Simply amazing!!!!!!!!!! If "Hazing is a rite of passage", then these guys less intelligent than I ever thought.

daltrowitzNov. 6, 13 1:18 AM

My understanding from the reports is that Incognito threatened to actually do him harm. Worse, he threatened to harm his family. The first problem is called assault, but could be put down as machismo. The second could constitute a terroristic threat. If Incognito actually threatened this man's family, he is lucky not to be in jail.

SonofbeachNov. 6, 13 3:46 AM

Every veteran is involved in charity and a favorite community outreach. I'd be more impressed to read that someone like Allen hazed a rookie by "forcing" him to join him for a day or two at,say, his veteran aid charity instead of taping him to the goal post or makng him buy dinner. Might show a higher level of "passage".. The way these guys defend their kindergarten, or in Incgnito's case deviant, behavior is sad.

mccovey69Nov. 6, 13 6:19 AM

Besides the obvious bullying that is disguised as amusing hazing, there is an element of extortion as far as money goes. Bullying rookies into paying huge amounts of money for meals, etc, seems close to being illegal to me. I am so sick of the NFL right now--greedy owners, bullying players, bounties, machismo that is so out of control, serious injuries. It just never ends with this "sport."

JEDiamondMNov. 6, 13 6:58 AM

What I dont get is this... Why didnt Martin ever stand up to Incognito? When I was a kid my grandfather told me the best sure fire way to stop a bully is to punch him in the nose. Once you stand up for yourself the bully backs off and goes to pick on someone else. I mean Martin is one BIG dude... It shouldnt have been so hard for him to stand up for himself.

ActTwoNov. 6, 13 7:15 AM

It's like everything else...some idiot goes over the "line" and ruins it for everybody.

raukj1Nov. 6, 13 7:35 AM

The purity of the entire concept of rookie hazing tends to fall prey to hate mongerors who use it as a decoy to spread their hate agenda. Incognito is no more as his stealth mode has been compromised, hasn't it? And I was a fan of his until this. But this "just hit the bully in the mouth..." bit gets too much airplay as this is the playground advise you give a 6 yr old, not the advise you give a grown man. The bullies are supposed to have grown up by now, apparently not in some dirty quarters in the NFL.


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