State's second wolf hunting season opens Saturday with reduced goals

  • Article by: Doug Smith , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 6, 2013 - 12:48 AM


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notmydnrNov. 5, 13 8:41 PM

This means we have 13,000 people in this state that do not understand the need to maintain balance in nature. Wolves and coyotes provide a critical balance necessary to prevent over population of deer and other species so they don't out grow their habitat. 2,400 wolves is nothing compared to the current size of the deer herd in this state. A herd that causes significantly more crop damage than wolves ever will. As a hunter, I want nothing more than to maintain a healthy deer herd, of reasonable numbers. Once again the DNR is playing to the crowd rather than adhering to sound management practises. With chronic wasting continuing to spread in the south it’s only a matter of time before it shows up in the north , and on your dinner table, Frankly, I rather the wolves got them first.

freedumb86Nov. 5, 1310:12 PM

Hunting wolves makes deer hunting easier. As a hunter, why should I have to track a healthy deer for 10 miles when I can have my choice of a starving, sick deer right off the blvd?

Willy53Nov. 5, 1310:17 PM

A new day has dawned in Minnesota. Wolves are now a game species and have given up their proteced existance in the wild. The wolf, an iconic symbol of Minnesota is now a trophy. The DNR has no idea how the wolf population will respond to hunting depredation. 25% reduction last year, more wolves being poached than ever before and the Commissioner of the DNR completely bought and sold by the hunting lobby.

bookagentNov. 5, 1311:41 PM

I look forward, sooner or later, to the arrest and conviction of those who brought these vital canid species to the edge of extirpation. It matters little whether they allowed lobbies to manipulate their scientific and legislative decisions. They may well believe in medieval concepts of the wolf, and if they do they should be ashamed. As for those who raise guns or set traps to kill wolves, I have little more than pity. Killing vital predator species which remain endangered -- whether by state decree or not -- is a crime against wildlife and mankind. The fact that most license registrants are male is a chilling and disturbing statistic. The fact that depredation fraud continues here under the watchful eye of the state brings little comfort. Last, but not least, the fact that the StarTribune reports issues pertaining to wolf hunting and trapping under the "Outdoors" or "Sports" categories is deeply troubling. It should trouble most intelligent readers -- but then I wonder how many citizens care about this malignant behavior, this abuse of power and disregard for the gravitas of state.

jackpinesavNov. 6, 13 9:37 AM

Calm down, folks......Wolves have come back from endangered status, DNR is using science regarding the hunt numbers and population, and drawing extreme rigid lines in the sand, as we do in this country on so many issues, really accomplishes nothing.Now.....breathe....

notmydnrNov. 6, 1312:31 PM

Name one other animal that we have in such abundance that the SEASON is set for a limit of 220, and hunters need to call in DAILY, to check to see if it's still okay to hunt? There is something really wrong when a legitimate "season" needs to be this tightly controlled.

nathanhaleNov. 6, 13 1:12 PM

Another couple of years of this and we'll see the moose population rebound. Sound wildlife management practices trump emotion every time.

hoolaphoopNov. 6, 13 3:27 PM

Bald eagles are starting to be seen almost everwhere. When are we gonna open up a season on them just like wolves, mourning doves, sandhill cranes and hummingbirds?

hugh02Nov. 6, 13 4:51 PM

Attention wolf hunters: The area around Whitefish & Wilson lakes in NE MN is a hot spot for wolves. There have been several right in the campground at Whitefish.

gunumdownNov. 6, 13 7:49 PM

It's time to shoot some wolves! Good luck hunters and please post lots of pics of dead wolves. Get rid of these vermin as fast as possible. Don't listen to all these people who say we need wolves for healthy deer populations. All the best deer hunting are in states without wolves. Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Texas. No wolves, perfect ecosystems for wildlife. Wolves are worthless four legged buzzards. Kill them all please.


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