Minnesota man takes the rap for defacing Montana monument

  • Article by: Curt Brown , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 5, 2013 - 6:54 AM

In an apology for defacing a historic site in Montana, a Minnesota man says he did it because his bride was dealing with a cancer scare.

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lumpermanNov. 4, 1310:23 PM

I give him credit for manning up. Not the first guy that did something stupid. As much as I love history, the act was not much worse than what it is famous for, being defaced!

thedanmanNov. 4, 1311:00 PM

Guess the rock has more history to pass along now. Hope they don't ruin people's lives over something so trivial.

PatitodehuleNov. 4, 1311:13 PM

"...Pompeys Pillar, a sandstone column that also bears incisions marking the passage of the Lewis and Clark expedition." Incisions? How about inscriptions.

cinemajayNov. 4, 1311:17 PM

Glad someone fessed up. He should pay a stiff fine (probably don't need the book thrown at him--we've all been 23). And he should have to help or be present for the repair.

LinksterNov. 4, 1311:17 PM

This is crap. So it's trivial to deface a monument. Where does it end? Where do we draw the line? Gang symbols? Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) should know that when you go to a state or national park, the area is meant to be preserved, not marked or tagged for your own personal 15 minutes of fame. Keep you narcissistic tendencies to yourself and leave our national monuments alone.

petenelsonNov. 5, 1312:07 AM

He and his wife/girlfriend/pregnant other should be made to give 100 talks on why others should respect nationally archived land, as a part of a community service sentence. By the end of those talks, maybe they'll love the land as much as their seeming love or want to deface it.

simplicity1Nov. 5, 1312:16 AM

Put them someplace where they can break rocks with a hammer for a few years.

DufferHNov. 5, 1312:41 AM

I can't believe all of the hullabaloo over this incident. The guy made a stupid mistake carving on this big rock. How many people who have expressed such righteous indignation over it even knew before that this rock even existed. Get over it. Sandstone can be easily repaired. There are a myriad other things going on in the world to get in a dither over.

ruggedrickNov. 5, 1312:52 AM

He feels bad because he got caught. He didn't have a heavy conscience and turn himself in.

hobie2Nov. 5, 13 1:50 AM

Give them the same punishment as Lewis and Clark got for carving up the Indians' monument... ok, apparently those two get a pass defacing other person's property because it was some old Indian rock... OK, how about the punishment of the last ten people who defaced the rock? Oh.. it wasn't "defacing" until the Park Service said it was defacing... Well, I suppose since so many people visit the rock, the punishment should be proportional to the loss to those people - or let the local tribe decide rather than the local group stuffing the rock's existence in the face of the local Indians?


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