R.T. Rybak on the role of values in addressing achievement gaps

  • Article by: Mitch Pearlstein
  • Updated: November 4, 2013 - 5:40 PM

A 2007 panel discussion suggests that the mayor’s next job is a good one for him.

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pumiceNov. 4, 13 5:56 PM

Re: "[V]ouchers are one policy innovation that can, in fact, make a key difference in the lives of lots of kids and their families." "Lots" of kids and their families is little more than spitting at a house afire, Mr. Pearstein. Better that Mayor Ryback supports policy innovations which make key differences in the lives of ALL kids and their families.

jarlmnNov. 4, 13 6:10 PM

Funny thing though, if some Republican said some of the exact-same things as Rybak about the black community taking responsibility and uplifting their 'culture', he'd be quickly pilloried as white-privileged, elitist, racist, etc. And one of those pillorying the Republican for saying those things, ... would be ... Rybak.

editor25Nov. 4, 13 6:45 PM

RT Rybak gives away hundreds of millions of dollars to plutocratic crooks, and blames poor children for their own circumstances. Just put an R by your name and get it over with mayor.

supervon2Nov. 4, 13 6:51 PM

But, if you are smart-you start some foundation that the Liberals will flock to and get large government grants, write papers, give speeches, call the media and nothing happens as a result except the taxpayers have less money.

fooledmeonceNov. 4, 13 7:46 PM

I guess the White House won't be calling RT after all for a spot on the "A" team

elmore1Nov. 4, 13 9:02 PM

Maybe Rybak will actually focus on this. Certainly didn't see much activity by him on education over the past 12 years and Mpls has a terrible graduation rate. He seemed more focused on bike paths, water fountains and lining NJ billionaire pockets. Backfired on him and now he is a liability to the DFL and he never got a juicy job offer from Obama.

redeye12Nov. 4, 13 9:28 PM

Rybek says That is something that the City Council and I wrestle with constantly. I distill down this very complicated issue to one key sentence: There are too many kids raising themselves, and too many kids having kids of their own. But the mayor's own policies and the policies of Dems in general lead to this. They have perpetuated the welfare state by rewarding bad behavior with more tax dollars. The lack of personal responsibility coupled with no consequences leads to and incents more of the same bad behavior. This isn't a mystery. Stay in school. Stay off drugs and alchol. Don't have babies out of wedlock and stay away from gangs. But somehow, Rybek can't see the obvious.

herby2013Nov. 5, 13 6:30 AM

40 years ago you will find articles in the local newspapers about the "achivement gap" and how more money must be spent to close it. What has happened in 40 years? The gap has not come close to closing, despite spending MORE AND MORE money on education every year ($16,000 to educate one kid for one year in St. Paul and Murderapolis) as of a few years ago. Why has the gap not been closed, even though grandchildren of children in the early 1970s are attending schools now? Do a Yahoo search for "heritability of intelligence" and you know what you will find? Half or more of human intelligence is believed to be genetically based. If that is true, would it not explain why the gap has not closed over all these decades? Yes, it would explain it, but that would not provide an excuse for Democrats politicians to shower teachers and their unions with more and more taxpayer cash. You know, the unions that help get Democrats elected every election. Also, it would reveal the truth about the democratic party's most loyal voting bloc and also explain why they vote democrat in the first place.

davehougNov. 5, 13 7:10 AM

How do you want to bet on success in life? A child raised in a culture that laughs at him for reading a book in a library or a culture that does not laugh at him????? All the good advice isn't as powerful as a pretty girl laughing at a boy for reading a book.

jstwondrngNov. 5, 1312:48 PM

How ironic that RT Rybak will now be charged with bettering the education system for our students of color. This is the same person who ran against Sharon Belton, who actually addressed disparities in education and backed significant reforms which cost her politically. Rybak has had twelve years to address these issues and only talked about them. Now he's the great reformer, leading the charge. Amazing that the "Great White Hope" will have time to take on this challenge given that he's also running for Governor.


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