Southwest Corridor light-rail project foes flex political muscle

  • Article by: Pat Doyle , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 3, 2013 - 8:44 PM

The fight over the LRT line shows how a small but powerful group can influence transit decisions.

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carbonbigfotNov. 3, 13 7:58 PM

It's easy to spend gobs of money when it belongs to somebody else.

wildfoxNov. 3, 13 8:01 PM

NO LRT by Cedar Lake !!! Look at the huge problems at the newly built apartments by Lake Calhoun with groundwater intrusion. 170 gallons of groundwater water a minute is being pumped out of the garage area and they are clammering for a solution which appears to be close the area down. This can and will happen if LRT is built by Cedar Lake due to the groundwater in that area is very close to the surface. It is truly amazing that in this day and age we are still abusing our clean water resources for the almighty dollar. We need STRICT groundwater protection laws NOW!

wildfoxNov. 3, 13 8:06 PM

Thank you to all who are trying to STOP this insane LRT plan!!!

subotai1Nov. 3, 13 8:08 PM

How absolutely disgusting that a few members of the 1% can spend money freely to derail a project that helps the other 99% and their employers. Anyone look at the companies along that corridor? Starkey, GE, UnitedHealth, Medica, Eaton to name a few. 10 rich people want to destroy something that helps 10's of thousands of employees, companies in the fortune 50 and provides for the future. All because it just might be able to be heard from their backyard. Selfish, greedy, unappreciative barons. I think they should move, not the light rail line.

jhb8426Nov. 3, 13 8:14 PM

Sounds like the golden rule in action here - he who has the gold makes the rules.

truthtimeNov. 3, 13 8:24 PM

Nothing worse in life than NIMBYs who have money and think they own the world and the are above everyone else. I'm a Democratic and think these Democrats seem to have forgotten exactly why they are. They seem to be in the wrong party.

sek2undrstndNov. 3, 13 8:30 PM

This is the problem with how our campaigns are currently financed and why they won't change anytime soon. The people who benefit from the system help to keep the system in place. Right Klobuchar, Franken, Kline, Paulsen, Ellison, Bachmann, and McCollum?

huggybear28Nov. 3, 13 8:41 PM

Just watch the politicians bend over backwards all for campaign contributions for re-election. These "activists" have no problem pushing for LRT in other areas since there are no direct adverse effects on them but as soon as it is in their neighborhoods, they will do whatever it takes to stop it. Hypocrites. This is another St Croix River Crossing all over again in terms of lawsuits and wasted money. Lawsuits will be filled, the project gets delayed, and 10 years later after things are resolved they will build the same project they originally planned on building but at a cost of hundreds of millions more due to lawyer fees and inflation.

bwikNov. 3, 13 8:42 PM

The existence of the SW LRT program itself was wildly unusual and strange. It should go through SW Minneapolis. That's kind of obvious. Yet, it didn't because of peculiar Metro politics. And low quality, obsolete studies. So LRT was sent through an empty Narnia of tunnel-mad, public-property grasping NIMBYs. Enough with this whole project. It is well beyond repair. Time to create a real SW LRT that serves real transportation needs.

gowcatsNov. 3, 13 8:44 PM

It is always interesting to watch people try to use clout and money to ensure that they are treated far better than the 99%. The trick is to act as if you are doing so as part of some noble cause, rather than simply self interest.


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