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circleoflifeNov. 1, 1311:59 AM

Dear MICHAEL HILTZIK, this is America. Which means I have the right to buy what you and the POTUS consider crappy health insurance. That is not up to you or him to assess, criticize or cancel.

rlundl02Nov. 1, 1312:00 PM

The new meme. The President says, over and over at every whistle stop "you can keep your insurance if you like it." It comes back to bite him, and his loyal followers say: your insurance sucked" to the guy losing his policy. It completely misses the point.

DO1023Nov. 1, 1312:06 PM

It still comes down to MY personal choice. Government has absolutely no right to get involved. If they can tell me what policy to buy, then they can tell me what car to drive, where to live, what meat to buy - it would never stop.

kleindropperNov. 1, 1312:08 PM

"If you like your plan you can keep it." This entire editorial is irrelevant. It does not matter how bad the plan is or how stupid Americans are according to the know-it-all up-in-your-business nanny staters. The president lied and nearly EVERYBODY is affected by his lies.

gearrunrNov. 1, 1312:11 PM

"$1,000 a year for outpatient treatment and $2,000 for hospitalization - barely enough to cover a day and half a Tylenol in the hospital." --- And "Insurance" is the problem? I see Obamapologists state things like this all the time, highlighting the massive gouging done by healthcare PROVIDERS, and in the same breath they blame healthcare INSURANCE... madness.

gearrunrNov. 1, 1312:12 PM

"then they can tell me what car to drive, where to live, what meat to buy - it would never stop" --- pandoras box is open my friend.

chuckdancerNov. 1, 1312:15 PM

I saw one that covered just about everything and said so in bold print. In smaller print, much smaller print, was the coverage limit per year; $500. For conservatives that don't have this fake coverage what is important is the freedom for others to have the fake coverage in the first place; not that they would ever accept it for themselves or family.

rlundl02Nov. 1, 1312:16 PM

If the President wanted to be accurate and true, he could have taken a little more time over the last three years telling people that some may lose their policy because of new insurance coverage requirements, say, prenatal care for 60 year old men. Others, who purchase insurance themselves on the market and earn a large income, will not be eligible for subsidies and they will see their insurance rates go up. He could have gone one step further and say the government is in process of, again, picking winners and losers, but that's more honesty than you should expect from anyone.

mspshadowNov. 1, 1312:19 PM

circleoflife: "this is America. Which means I have the right to buy what you and the POTUS consider crappy health insurance"...Fine, but when your crappy insurance won't cover treatment, don't go to the ER or declare bankruptcy, leaving the cost of your treatment to the hospital, to be passed on to me!

iwegianNov. 1, 1312:20 PM

I love the Democrat writers they want to blame everything on someone else and they feel the government has to take care of us because we can not take care of ourselves. But they will not tell you that there is 19 different taxes in this plan and the middle class is going to pay for OBAMACARE.


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