Let's finish a farm bill — together

  • Article by: Tim Walz
  • Updated: October 28, 2013 - 5:48 PM

It would be good for Minnesota, which benefits from having a strong agricultural economy.

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mngirl99Oct. 28, 13 7:26 PM

Rep. King, please oppose the King Amendment, known as the Protect Interstate Commerce Act, takes from states the right to impose agricultural standards on products brought in from out of state. According to the Washington Times the amendment will “have far-reaching implications, nullifying a large spectrum of state and local laws concerning everything from livestock welfare to GMO labeling, restrictions on pesticide and antibiotic use, horse slaughter, child labor, fire safe cigarettes, shark finning, Christmas trees, and even the sale of cat and dog meat.” Please drop this out of the conference committee's final version.

lars1074Oct. 28, 13 8:06 PM

Why should a Minn. Farmer be subject to the laws passed in California.

tinosaOct. 28, 13 8:20 PM

Sorry, no more price supports or any tax dollars to farmers. If their farms can't stand without tax payer support, it needs to go under. We can keep supporting businesses that loss money. There are plenty of other farms that make profit.

gopher68Oct. 28, 13 9:05 PM

This editorial didn't help me understand why my taxpayer dollars need to be given to farmers. Why are farmers different than any other business?

comment229Oct. 29, 13 5:01 AM

There are at least two comments about price supports for farmers already and that they should be banned. Move ahead in time and if that was done, these same people would be commenting, why has the price of our food gone up so much!!! You can't have this both ways. Instead of pounding on farmers, you should be praising them every time you walk into a grocery store.

comment229Oct. 29, 13 5:06 AM

It' really hard to argue with Walz considering what he has chosen to write in this column, and I am sure he has taken a narrow focus to generate a few more votes. Fine, and maybe even correct as far as it goes. But he has literally ignored the real problems associated with this bill. I am not a republican, nor a democrat, and what needs to be done in this country is a relevancy bill so this bill can/should be broken down into three or more distinct bills to be considered on their own merits instead of each legislator, hold their nose, and voting because it is an all in one proposition..... If Walz seriously wants to write a column, at least he should accomplish step number one in the problem solving method, and that is to identify the problem.

wa0tdaOct. 29, 13 5:38 AM

The graphic accompanying his story depicts a fairy tale farm, not the taxpayer supported monoculture reality of today's agribusiness.

redeye12Oct. 29, 13 6:50 AM

Rep Walz criticizes a small band of extremist for shutting down the gov't. But fails to recognize the idiocy of the Farm Bills past and present. Failed policies, price supports, paying farmers to not raise crops, supporting foolish ideas such as ethanol, massive payments to ADM and similar agribusiness companies, and massive payments to factory farms and very little to family farms. The foolishness of these bilss is astounding, yet folks like Walz want to continue the madness. Who is the real extremist?

mandansmomOct. 29, 13 7:04 AM

Farm bill illustrates perfectly what's wrong with DC. It's a massive bill that covers food stamps, crop insurance,commodity programs, conservation, some energy programs, rural development, forestry programs, and research and development. All or nothing. No wonder nothing can get done!

ffedericoOct. 29, 13 7:13 AM

Anytime a politician uses the word "folks", hold on to your wallet.


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