Easy to say no to stadium now, and many are

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 26, 2013 - 2:00 PM

It’s harder to say how the project could be stopped, or what might be done instead.

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haybrnr23Oct. 26, 13 2:51 PM

It is a twisted morality that sees the sellout of Minnesota taxpayers as courageous, and expecting kind words from taxpayers whose pockets were picked takes a lot of gall. Minnesotans know political corruption when they see it. They will never mistake it for courage.

djscoreOct. 26, 13 3:27 PM

See no evil hear no evil speak no evil - oh this is about the Vikings? Well, that's a given.

bluedevil101Oct. 26, 13 5:18 PM

We tossed the lying GOPers out in the last cycle and now it's nearing time for Mark Dayton to face the same fate. I'm glad to hear that voters are unhappy about the political fools who put this stadium in place. We need a new governor and we need to get this Kelm-Helgen and her $103,000 part time salary out of the offices / positions they now hold. Don't forget voters--toss Dayton aside in 2014.

rlundl02Oct. 26, 13 5:47 PM

So some Green Party candidate carries on about it? What would you expect? It's a dead issue. The stadium is getting built. Just deal with it. If you're of a mind, take in a game when it's done. Might actually have some fun.

erikj3Oct. 26, 13 6:04 PM

"It’s a done deal. It ought to be a dead issue — especially in a city that has a population spurt, aging infrastructure, high property taxes and poor student achievement"...Which is EXACTLY why the stadium "deal" is so egregious.

pitythefoolsOct. 26, 13 6:09 PM

Why can't it be stopped? The Dome is still there. Designed for football. Complete with new roof and new playing surface. Entirely paid for and sitting empty. Wilf can use that or leave. There is no reason this fraud has to continue.

dave9398Oct. 26, 13 6:15 PM

Of course if a conservative had been in office when this happen there would be hell to pay but since it is Mr. Lack of responsibility we should all look the other way. Right Lori?

cav123Oct. 26, 13 6:57 PM

This is a poorly reasoned op-ed and patronizing to us in the majority of Minneapolis residents who were against the stadium. The fact that there is durable opposition to those who voted for it is a testament to the depth of feeling on the issue. And the original Metrodome and Target Field were also both oversold on the economic development front, and the notion that a billion dollar, 8 dates a year football stadium is going to return near that in economic development to Minneapolis is absurd (no matter how periodically the Super Bowl comes).

whosaysOct. 26, 13 7:16 PM

So we are two thank mayor Ryback and the seven council members for helping to bypass the Minneapolis residents right to vote on this issue? If the mayor had not rolled over and let the legislature overrule the city vote, I may be the first to slap him on the back and say attay boy. But the guy has no spine on the matter. We are just supposed to feel good about this. And everything else that he has done. Good riddance and watch what happens when he tries to run for governor. He abandoned the residents of Minneapolis and he wouldn't hesitate to do so as governor.

paulskiOct. 26, 13 7:42 PM

second guessers? Excuse me. I, and many thousands of other well meaning citizens, and voters, were against this thing from the get go


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