No, really, college women: Stop getting drunk

  • Article by: RUTH MARCUS , Washington Post
  • Updated: October 26, 2013 - 4:21 PM

To say so isn’t the same as letting predatory young men off the hook.

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hermajestyOct. 26, 13 2:41 PM

Telling young women not to get drunk is like telling people not to show off large amounts of money in public. Showing off large amounts of money in public is like an invitation to thieves, but thievery is still wrong. Likewise, getting drunk makes a young woman more vulnerable to rape, but rape is still wrong. In addition, there are other reasons for young people of both sexes not to get drunk: the possibility of embarrassing pictures being immortalized forever on the Internet, the hangover the next day, the danger of slipping into alcoholism, the dangers of driving while drunk or with a person who is drunk.

pumiceOct. 26, 13 3:01 PM

From the commentary: "Oh, please. This isn’t a gender studies class; it’s the real world. In which Yoffe’s piece ought to be required reading for every college student, male and female." You know how to increase the likelihood that your sterling advice (and Emily Yoffe’s) will be read by every college student? Address your "Stop getting drunk" message to “College students. Parents should warn both their daughters and their sons of the perils of binge drinking. Colleges should reinforce the warning to both young women and young men at new student orientation. The differences in physiology--not just between genders but among the entire population of students--should be part of the warning. Young women should be disabused of the absurd notion "that their right to match men drink for drink is a feminist issue" just as young men should be disabused of the notions that "real men can handle their alcohol" and that "women who are legitimately raped don't get pregnant." Both young men and young women should be informed of the lifelong consequences of bad choices made under the influence of alcohol and/or recreational drugs. In addition, young men should get the message loudly, clearly and frequently that sexual assault will result in criminal prosecution. Neither the culture of binge drinking nor the culture of rape has a place in college.

furguson11Oct. 26, 13 4:57 PM

Lock your garage doors also if you want to reduce the number of burglaries. A few exterior lights would help also.

crystalbayOct. 26, 13 4:59 PM

I find it offensive that this articles title pertains to only women as though being drunk makes rape or nonconsensual is a natural consequence of drinking too much. Why only women here?????

drichmnOct. 26, 13 6:20 PM

this really is the point: "Address your "Stop getting drunk" message to College students. Parents should warn both their daughters and their sons of the perils of binge drinking. Colleges should reinforce the warning to both young women and young men at new student orientation." ... As soon as they start including young men in their articles then I'll believe that they aren't just falling into the blame the victim mentality.

myob_STOct. 26, 13 6:41 PM

Crystal, being raped while drunk is a realistic consequence of being drunk. That was the point of the article. Would you actually say that a sober person has an equivalent reasoning ability as a drunk person? Of course not. A drunk woman is less able to defend herself, whether by fighting back or by making appropriate choices. And as for whether this is mostly about women, why yes - it is. By and large, the people raped in free America (as opposed to incarcerated America) are women. Women are NOT responsible when they're raped. But women can reduce the LIKELIHOOD of being raped if they keep their wits about them, which is less likely if they're drunk. Pack up your outrage and point it elsewhere. This is common sense.

CayshedOct. 26, 13 7:10 PM

Hi again everyone, it's your dear old friend alcohol just checking in.....hey, I hate to be a bother here, but, can I get a pass on this issue, much as I have done before? Look, I know I kill 450k each year (directly), and I know that I am the reason for many a fight and/or sexual assault (peole like to be tough when they are with me). I also caused quite a few Minnesota highway accidents last year. But, let's face it, I AM the life of the party. I'm not going anywhere. Ever. It's socially acceptable to be a little tipsy, right? I'd even go so far as to say it's socially odd if you DON'T enjoy my company; you'll stand out and many will ask "why aren't you having fun", or, "why aren't you drinking?". I make your family gatherings tolerable, and nobody makes your stupid old boy/girlfriend look better than I do. You know all those professional sporting events your kids are watching and idolizing? Yeah, well look real close and you'll see that's me, sandwiched between all the action. I am hoping to spread the word at the earliest stages possible in life that I'm cool. Not to toot my own horn, but, I think I'm doing pretty good, don't you? Pub crawls, keg parties, happy hours, sink or swim all you can drink nights, etc....people just can't enough of me. So thanks again everyone, really, I truly appreciate ALL my fans. Talk to you in a few days I'm sure, after the next alcohol-related article. Yours truly, Alcohol.

wisebookOct. 27, 13 5:05 AM

Not bad advice to anyone to avoid getting drunk but not sure why anyone would think such advice should not apply to young men also. Are we really so foolish as to think that young men cannot be victimized?

Willy53Oct. 27, 13 7:28 AM

One more offensive piece centered on the role of women's behavior in rape. This perspective is demeaning to women and once again places the responsibility on women to prevent placing themselves in situations where men simply can't control themselves. Despite assurances that the author is not dismissing the primary culprit, men exercising their physical strength to brutalize women, she runs ahead and places all the rape prevention tools in the hands of women, and the responsibility too. At some point society must begin to equalize the genders and prosecute this crime for the violence and mental abuse it perpetuates toward women by criminally abusive men.

conniemercerOct. 27, 13 7:39 AM

She gets drunk and he gets drunk. They wake up in the morning and neither can remember a thing, except she feels guilty about what she did. The easy way to relieve guilt feelings is to claim rape. Doesn't matter that both were drunk and neither can remember - she wins. What a tragedy.


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