Don't let tribal gaming off the reservation

  • Article by: Charlie Vig and Keven Leecy
  • Updated: October 27, 2013 - 6:31 PM

A plan moving forward in Wisconsin has implications for Minnesota.

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luzhishenOct. 27, 13 5:35 PM

Good editorial. If you want to see what an off-reservation gambling future, just look at South Dakota - about the only place they don't have a slot machine is in the bathroom.

elmore1Oct. 27, 13 5:58 PM

The indian gaming should benefit all of the tribes. As I understand it the Mystic folks are incredibly rich and many Indians up north still live in tar paper shacks. If we can't figure out a way to better share some of the gambling proceeds they should open it up. I still think they should open one downtown to pay for the stadium.

myob_STOct. 27, 13 6:26 PM

elmore, the difference is that those living in tar paper shacks may not be members of the tribe that runs Mystic. Just sharing amongst equally everyone, whether they participate in the gaming facility or not, would be ... well ... socialistic. Heavens! We wouldn't want that, would we?

Flash_GordonOct. 27, 13 6:33 PM

Good advice-although I don't see the leadership of the Fond du lac Band of Chippewa listed as a signator . You remember. That group annexed a block in downtown Duluth for a casino, some distance from the actual reservation.

basia2186Oct. 27, 13 7:08 PM

I'm all for state run casinos. Voluntary tax makes more sense than the hit we're taking from the state now. At least the odds will be better. Native run casinos benefit the few. The board members make a great income. Native employees? Minimum wage. Competition is good. Re: Vikings stadium? Cancel the deal. Let them move to Jersey.

proactive11Oct. 27, 13 9:24 PM

Mr. Vig, Before you ask for pity from tax paying citizens why don't you state your income from gambling? How about letting the public know how much Mystic grosses in a year? The MN tribal casinos revenue is estimated at 5-10 billion a year and we are supposed to believe one state run casino is going to bankrupt you? One more question, how much does the Shakopee tribe spend on political lobbying? Millions!

tooty123Oct. 27, 1310:10 PM

"As I understand it the Mystic folks are incredibly rich and many Indians up north still live in tar paper shacks." elmore1---The reason the Mystic Lake tribe is wealthy is because it is a very small tribe and you had to be living on it when the casino was built. If you had moved off the reservation, you were not allowed to be members, again. Visit the Red Lake reservation (which is located in an unpopulated area as opposed to the metro area) has improved the reservation with their casinos. They have built new schools, health clinics, elder care facilities and nursing homes. If you go to their casino outside TRF, you find Native Americans working at the casino. They helped pay for a 'paved' road from Red Lake to the casino. They have buses that bring the workers back and forth from Red Lake. As for the tar paper shacks, go up there and see if you find any. They have improved roads and water/sewer facilities,also. The Mystic tribe does give money to mamy different organizations and MN tribes. They give to schools, colleges, and hospitals.

RGMCDONOct. 28, 1312:23 AM

How is allowing one race a privilege while not allowing other races to have the same rights not racism? Some may say it is more complicated than that, however i do not think so.

cranelakemanOct. 28, 13 6:37 AM

I almost knew that the article was written by Mystic Lake before I clicked on it. It wasn't coming from the Nett Lake Reservation. Block E is a threat to them - and possibly could be a huge boon for Minneapolis. Anyone watching the Viking Game last night saw beautiful shots from the blimp showing a national audiance that Minnesota is not fly-over land. We're getting the Super Bowl - if a new Casino is downtown, the reviews by the national media then will put MPLS on a desination map. People that go to a downtown casino also shop, eat, attend ballgames - many need hotels - everyone wins except Mystic and Treasure island - but they're still going to get their millions or billions - just a little less of the pie.

ericgus55Oct. 28, 13 6:58 AM

I completely agree that tribal gaming should be allowed only on the reservations. That's why the dump of a casino in downtown Duluth should be closed.


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