Farm bill talks portend next big congressional showdown

  • Article by: Jim Spencer , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 26, 2013 - 7:40 PM

As negotiations start Wednesday, differences on food stamps and dairy policy challenge the conference committee.

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jpcooperOct. 26, 13 9:55 PM

In 2008 the Food Stamp Program ran on $44B per year. By 2010 under Obama is has become a $88B program. Thats a 100% increase! We are $17 Trillion in debt, We have a $700B deficit. Democrats are proposing spending $87.2 Billion per year for 5 years. Republicans are proposing on spending $82B per year for 5 years. 1 Plan is 99.8% more than 2008 the other is 86% more than 2008. The Republicans have the more sensible plan

floppydwangOct. 26, 1310:39 PM

Make this two bills. The farm bill and the food bill. If they can't stand on their own with out stuffing with pork then. It's not worth passing.

basia2186Oct. 27, 1312:38 AM

At Target today when I swiped my debit card, the screen said 'EBT'. The new normal? I am DONE paying for able-bodied, poor planners: food, healthcare snd housing subsidies! Get some spine, and gumption unearned entitlement recipients. I am done with paying for sloth.

texas_technomanOct. 27, 13 5:28 AM

Farm bill, SNAP, two welfare programs, one for the rich...the other for the poor. If we are going to whack one...I say whack them both.

herby2013Oct. 27, 13 5:41 AM

Democrats say: "Give able-bodied people free money to buy votes and we Democrats will always get elected. Who cares if we have to borrow trillions of dollars from future generations to do it or steal more money through taxation from people dumb enough to work?". Republicans say: "We cannot afford this! You cannot be giving able-bodied people free money when they should be taking care of themselves!" Democrats say: "How can we get elected if we don't give people free stuff to buy votes? A dependent voter is a loyal voter for the Democratic Party. How many of the millions of welfare recipients getting free cell phones voted for Mitt Romney? Point made."

comment229Oct. 27, 13 6:00 AM

Two bills? Nope.... it should be even more than that. I have always argued for a relevancy law in legislation and this is a prime time example of that. When this bill became law, times were much different, but we plod right along like nothing has changed. It has.... and not only should the welfare subsidy be removed from this, the corporate subsidy on the other end should also be removed and considered as a separate bill on its own merits. There may be other parts of this bill that should be considered independently too, but those are the two that are glaring and need to be considered and debated on their own merits. And PS... I am not a republican.

kebu80Oct. 27, 13 6:46 AM

Slash the food stamps! Wake up Democrats! It is time to top the bleeding of debt buildup in this Country. I realize it buys you votes but when will you democratic legislators finally put the good of the country ahead of your own personal reelection interest. This comment is directly pointed at Franken, Klobuchar and Walz!

rgoldserOct. 27, 13 7:11 AM

Half the people on food stamps are children. They don't vote. Equal percentages of those on food stamps are republicans, democrats and independents. No unfair advantage there. Next?

edcommentOct. 27, 13 7:35 AM

Why not cut the farm subsidies and pass the nutrition bill. Repubs are always against welfare unless it is for a corporation. Then they call it something else and pass out the free money to buy votes from management and shareholders.

martin68Oct. 27, 13 7:38 AM

Senators Klobuchar and Franken, food stamps and the farm bill need to be separated. We all know that the only reason food stamps are included in the first place as the current levels would never be approved in the first place. Put it into a bill that has broader political support to get passage. This excessive spending has to stop!


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