Target to ban criminal history box on job applications

  • Article by: Janet Moore , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 26, 2013 - 9:37 AM

Minnesota law banning box for private employers takes effect Jan. 1, aims at “level playing field.”

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bogie246Oct. 25, 13 4:41 PM

If an employer will not hire convicted criminals, why delay the inevitable?

minn12Oct. 25, 13 4:59 PM

I've given up on Target. They've simply become too 'politically correct'. Seems like the HR department will be in chaos once job offers are made, and then the criminal records of applicants are found out. Total waste of time. It's backwards. Only three states foolishly passed such a law. And to give $100,000 to a radical group like that is just paying off blackmail so they won't continue their boycott efforts and protests in Target's lobby. It's ridiculous.

pitythefoolsOct. 25, 13 5:18 PM

I'm sure it will happen. After all, it's illegal to ask for the year you graduated college on online job applications because it can be used to guess your age, but most online forms require it.

basia2186Oct. 25, 13 5:20 PM

I would like to boycott progressives.

tkr380Oct. 25, 13 5:54 PM

We turned in our Target charge cards years ago. Lucky we did. It appears it is going to be pretty easy for criminals to get a job at Target. So when they hire a criminal and that criminal uses, oh say credit card information, to steal from target customers, can we get triple damages?

theagonybhoOct. 25, 13 6:07 PM

That should work well for them.

peteandrogerOct. 25, 13 6:08 PM

Am I missing something? If it is a law, then what is the big story about Target complying? I'm guessing there are probably thousands of private employers complying to the requirement. What's the big story about Target doing it? Don't they usually follow hiring laws? What another gigantic waste of time and money thanks to the legislature. And now forcing the same onto businesses as it costs alot of money to go through the hiring process only to have to start over again time after time. My guess is the next step will be once companies do discover a criminal past and don't hire someone, there will be both lawsuits and penalty taxes forced on those that refuse to hire criminals. The state is just setting the stage for more tax income. Very simple.

stribbmOct. 25, 13 6:15 PM

Target Corporation loves people and is generous to our community. I notice that some commenters don't seem to share the sentiment. There are alternative and much better ways to filter out bad characters than the crude check-the-box employee application approach. I also wonder how many of the commenters who are critical of Target Corp. have ever violated traffic laws, shoplifted, or spoken falsehoods but never were caught. Think about it.

localguyOct. 25, 13 6:35 PM

When someone has paid their debt to society, it's in society's best interests to give them a second chance. If no one will even interview them, they'll have no choice but to return to a life of crime.

bogie246Oct. 25, 13 6:47 PM

Stribbm: What is a better way than asking the applicant? Seems pretty simple.


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